Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Simple Math, 1+1=2

Don't you suppose that the Chechen Muslims who laid siege to the Moscow Theater and the Beslan school massacre shared something with those who bombed the Bali nightclub and the Kenyan hotel? Don't you think there might be a connection between the sniper Muhammad and the prophet Muhammad? Could the suicide bombers in Israel have the same spiritual leader as the suicide bombers of 9/11 or London? Why have Islamic terrorists in Iraq killed more Americans than the Republican Guard? Where do you suppose these Muslim militants get their marching orders? Might al-Qaeda, Jemaah Islamiyah, Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Taliban be following the same prophet and reading the same bible (Qur’an)? Isn’t it possible that the prophet, his writings and his teachings are being carried out by his followers and the teaching they receive from their imams and in their mosques?

Lebanon – 220 marines and 21 others dead

London – 52 dead, 700 injured

Mumbai – 174 dead, 714 injured

Moscow Theater – (850 hostages) 129 hostages dead, over 700 injured
Beslan School – (1200 hostages) 386 hostages dead, over 700 injured

Lockerbie – 259 dead

Madrid – 191 dead, 2050 injured

United States
World Trade Center – 2772 dead, 251 injured
Pentagon – 184 dead, 53 injured

This list is just some of the MAJOR attacks carried out by MUSLIMS on innocent people around the World. Attacks that are not against just one country, one state or against one group, but major attacks against humanity and ALL of them are from the religion of ISLAM.

There are no patterns for the attacks, they are not thought out and executed by one person nor are they all carried out by one little group in one country. What they do have in common is that they are all carried out by the same RELIGION (Islam) and by MUSLIMS all over the World.

How else can so many attacks, so many suicide bombers and so many followers all come up with the same plans and horrendous outcomes? Muslims separated by thousands of miles, live in different countries, have different teachers, BUT all have the Qur’an and ALL have been taught to hate.

It’s really quite simple, do the math…1+1= 2, Islam teaches HATE.
Are people that blind, stupid and gullible to think that Islam is really the “Religion of Peace”?

If this were any other group committing this much murder and hate, then they would be banned and outlawed, but since Muslims “CLAIM” to be a religion we are afraid to do anything.

Now tell me…how many more need to die before people open their eyes to the truth?



Thanks again to The Religion of Peace and Prophet of Doom.