Friday, June 1, 2007

Our Map

I was sitting here thinking about what I could do to try and figure out just how big this Muslim thing is getting to be in the Good Old USA. I talked to my buddy (who I have to make sure gets the credit for making this blog look so wonderful. Thanks Bud!) and we came up with the idea of a map. I am going to post on my wall a large map of the USA and start tracking the attacks, arrests and other forms of violence that the Muslims have been doing here in America.

Why may you ask am I doing this?

I am doing this for several reasons. First of all, I am just curious as to how many honor killings, arrests, attacks or attempted attacks have happened inside the USA and where they have happened. Secondly, I want to see if there is any pattern to this. Last but not least, I want to try and figure out why this map can have all these pins in it and yet not many people seem to be grasping the idea that the Muslims are trying to change our way of life.

I believe that soon, I will add a pin and just like a game of dominoes, the beginning of the end will start. I am hoping those famous words that Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto uttered after the attack on Pearl Harbor “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve” ring true again.

Here is a listing so that you too can make a map of your own and follow along.

1. New York City – 2/26/93 World Trade Center, tower one bombing – 6 Killed, 1042 Injured
2. New York, Brooklyn – 3/94 – Muslim opens fire on a van containing members of the Lubavitch Hassids (Jewish) – 1 Killed
3. New York City – 2/97 - Muslim commits suicide after attacking tourist on the Empire State Building observation Deck. Kills 1, Injures 6
4. Ohio, 9/99 – A Muslim (who had been abusive throughout their arranged marriage) was erroneously convinced that that his wife was having an affair. He kills his 39 year old physician wife, her 35 year old sister, the 78 year old father-in law and, most dreadful of all, her 2 year old niece.
5. Washington – Port Angeles – 12/14/99 – Millennium bomber arrested, intended to attack LAX Airport
6. New York City – 9/11/01 World Trade Center North Tower – Flight 11– 2772 Killed – 251 Injured (both buildings)
7. New York City - 9/11/01 World Trade Center South Tower – Flight 175
8. Washington DC – 9/11/01 Pentagon – Flight 77 - 184 Killed – 53 Injured
9. Pennsylvania, Shanksville – 9/11/01 – Flight 93 – 40 Killed
10. Florida, Tampa – 1/6/02 - 15 yr. old Muslim flies plane into a building in Tampa, Suicide note reveals his admiration for Osama bin Laden and wanting to commit a terrorist act
11. Missouri, St Louis – 2/15/ 02 – Muslim arrested with 3 box cutters at Lambert Airport
12. Texas, Denton – 5/27/02 – Muslim sniper kills a man as he works in his yard
13. California, Los Angeles – 7/4/02 - Muslim gunman shoots people waiting at the El Al counter at LAX. Kills 2, Injures 4
14. Louisiana , New Orleans Airport terminal – 9/02 – Muslim man is “insulted” so he goes out to his vehicle and grabs his shotgun and Koran - Kills 1, Injures 1
15. New York, Lackawanna – 9/13/02 – 5 Muslims arrested - Active al-Qaeda cell
16. Alabama, Montgomery – 9/21/02 – Muslim sniper Kills 1 woman and Injures 1
17. Louisiana, Baton Rouge – 9/23/02 – Muslim sniper shoots and Kills a Korean mother in the back
18. Maryland, Wheaton – 10/2/02 – Muslim sniper Kills 55 yr. old man
19. Maryland, 10/3/02 – Muslim sniper Kills 5 (3 men, 2 women) in 5 separate attacks
20. Virginia, Manassas – 10/9/02 – Muslim sniper Kills 53 yr. Old man
21. Virginia, Fredericksburg – 10/11/02 – Muslim sniper Kills 53 yr. old man
22. Virginia, Falls Church – 10/14/02 – Muslim sniper Kills 47 yr. old woman
23. Maryland, Silver Spring – 10/22/02 – Muslim sniper Kills 35 yr. old bus driver
24. Ohio, Cleveland – 5/1/03 – Muslim opens fire at Case Western Reserve University. Kills 1, Injures 2
25. Texas, Houston – 8/6/03 – After undergoing a religious revival, a Saudi College student slashes the throat of a Jewish student with a 4” butterfly knife nearly decapitating him.
26. Washington DC – (Guantanamo Bay Cuba) – 9/21/03 – Muslim chaplain for the US Army was arrested on charges of espionage.
27. North Carolina, Raleigh – 4/13/04 – member of a tight knit Muslim community deliberately runs down 5 strangers with his vehicle - Kills 1, Injures 4
28. New York, Scottsville – 4/15/04 – In an HONOR killing. A father kills his wife and attacks his 2 daughters with a knife and hammer because he feared that they had been sexually molested - Kills 1, Injures 2
29. Georgia, Atlanta – 6/10/04 – A Muslim man riding on an Atlanta Commuter train mutters Quranic verses then attacks an Army Officer for no other apparent reason. Elderly Woman and 2 arresting officers are hurt as well.
30. California, Alexandria – 1/9/05 – Muslim janitor attacked bedridden elderly, staff and visitors. He brutally beat and slashed residents before being subdued.
31. Michigan, Detroit – 6/29/05 – On Northwest Airlines flight 327 from Detroit to LA 13 Middle Eastern men made a “dry run” for a possible terrorist take-over of the plane.
32. Oklahoma, Oklahoma City – 10/05 - 1 Muslim blew himself up on his way to the crowed Oklahoma University Stadium (Praise Allah)
33. Arizona, Mesa – 12/18/05 – Muslim drives his vehicle into a Home Depot, then builds a bonfire – 1 Million Dollars in damage – No Injuries
34. Ohio, Toledo – 2/23/06 – 3 Muslims arrested for terrorism
35. California, Lodi – 6/10/06 – 2 Muslim men arrested with connections to Al Qaeda
36. Maryland, Baltimore – 6/16/06 – Muslim goes to a Loews theater in the heavily Jewish neighborhood of Owing Mills shoots and Kills 1
37. Florida, Miami – 6/23/06 – 7 Muslims arrested – Early stages of a domestic terror plot on Sears Tower
38. Colorado, Denver – 6/25/06 - Saying that it was “Allah’s Choice” a Muslim sets fire to the warehouse he works at. Then hunts down and shoots 4 of his co-workers and a police officer. Kills 1, Injures 4
39. Washington, Seattle – 7/28/06 – An “angry” Muslim-American barges into a local Jewish center and shoots 6 women (one pregnant), Kills 1, Injures 5
40. California, San Francisco – 8/06 – Muslim ran down at least 14 people with his vehicle.
41. Kentucky, Louisville – 10/6/06 –In an HONOR killing, Muslim attacked, raped and beat his estranged wife leaving her for dead, then savagely murders their 4 children. Kills 4, Injures 1
42. Arizona, Tucson – 3/19/07 - Muslim sniper kills 60 yr. old on golf course
43. Missouri, St.Louis – 5/3/07 – 8 Muslims arrested for buying automatic weapons
44. New Jersey, Fort Dix – 5/8/07 – 6 Muslims arrested – wanted to attack Fort Dix
45. New York - 5/12/07 - Florida Dr. Rafiq Abdus Sabir (Muslim) arrested, admits support for armed jihad
46. Utah, Salt Lake City – 2/12/2007 - Muslim shoots shoppers in mall before an off duty police officer takes him out (Praise Allah), Kills 5, Injures 4
47. Georgia – 2 Georgia Muslims were arrested in Bangladesh with the help of the FBI’s International Terrorist Investigation Unit – Providing info for future US attacks.
48. Minnesota, Minneapolis – Muslim ran his car in other cars, then stole a van and did the same. He injured several drivers and pedestrians – He called himself a “terrorist”


49. California, Van Nuys – 5/29/2007 – A muslin boyfriend was upset over discontinuing their relationship due to their religious differences (the victims were Hindu) so he stabbed, strangled and burned his victims (father and daughter). He also set their Anaheim Hills home on fire. 2 killed, 1 Injured (mother)
50. New York – Queens - 6/2/2007 - JFK Airport plot - 4 Muslim men arrested in connection with a terrorist plot to blow up the gas supply lines and fuel storage tanks at JFK Airport.
51. Florida, Fort Lauderdale – 6/4/07 – Abdelaziz Hamze was wanted in connection with dragging a women to her death got arrested trying to flee the country.

Map Updates for the week of June 10th

52. Missouri, St.Louis – 5/3/07 – 8 Muslims arrested for buying automatic weapons, Claymore anti-personnel mines and other explosives. UPDATE: Seems like this wasn’t the end of this one. On 5/17/07 Federal Authorities arrested an additional 7 Muslim men in connection with this case.

53. Ohio, Columbus – 6/10/07 – 3 Muslim men arrested with 102 individual items that connects the three (3) to an Ohio terrorist cell. According to one federal law enforcement source (speaking on the condition of anonymity). The unsealed indictments, previous testimony in the case, and the planned acts of terror “paints a disturbing picture of what is taking place in the U.S. today among radical Muslims in American mosques.”

Map Updates for the week of June 17th

I know that these are past, but to be accurate and fair, I think that we must track any and all activity on our map.

54. Texas, Dallas – 12/18/02 – 5 Muslims arrested for trading info with Syria and Libya in violation of anti-terrorism laws The 33-count indictment accuses the group of illegal exports to Syria and Libya, money laundering, dealing in the property of a designated terrorist and making false statements.

55. Virginia, Falls Church – 9/29/03 – Abdul Rahman al-Amoudi is arrested for financing terror groups.

56. MAP UPDATES for 7/25/07

Remember our map?
Here are the latest additions from the Religion of Peace.

56. Texas - Dallas – 7/17/07 - Muslim women arrested after standoff with police; explosive devices found in house; conducted surveillance at airport last April - Kimberly Al-Homsi and Aisha Hamad.
57. Georgia – Atlanta – 7/23/07 -- Four people were killed and two others were injured during a shooting just after 7 a.m. Monday, Atlanta police said.
Officials said they believe the shooter was Abdul Aziz Ibrahim.
Also found dead at the scene was 26-year-old Hana Yusef and another woman in her early 20s. Mohmmed Ibrahim, 28, died of his gunshot wounds at Grady Hospital. Yusif Ibrahim, 27, was taken to Grady Hospital in stable condition and 3-year-old Amir Abdulhakim is at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston in critical but stable condition. The mother's name was not on the list
58. Michigan – Dearborn – 7/24/07 - Federal agents raid Muslim Charities fund raising offices in Dearborn on suspicion of terrorist ties.
Federal agents raided the Dearborn offices of two charities suspected of having ties to terrorist groups in the Middle East. Goodwill Charitable Organization, a fund-raising office established by the Martyrs Foundation in Dearborn
59 Federal agents also raided the Al-Mabarrat Charitable Organization, which also has a Dearborn office. Al-Mabarrat, whose headquarters is based in Lebanon, has held fund-raisers in metro Detroit in recent years.

Map Updates 9/14/07

Here we go again.
Looks like the Muslims will never stop testing the waters or pushing the limits.
They are so stupid. They don’t seem to understand why we are so leery of them.
Let us here at LCP give you over 60 reasons!

60. Minnesota – 8/31/07 -Islamist Website Hosted in Minnesota Calls for Suicide Operations in Denmark On August 31, 2007, the Islamist website , hosted by SiteGenie LLC in Rochester, Minnesota, posted a document calling for "martyrdom [i.e., suicide] operations" in Denmark. The author, who identified himself as a member of Al-Qaeda, urged the Muslims not to forget the incident of the Danish cartoons, and promised the people of Denmark that the "brigades of martyrdom seekers are on their way... and will soon carry out blessed operations" in their country. He called on the Muslims to register on the site as candidates for these suicide operations. Following are excerpts from the document: "Some Muslims have put the affair of the Danish [cartoons] behind them and have completely forgotten it... I have reopened this issue in order to irritate the infidel Danes, and to remind them that the affair is not over and that the brigades of the martyrdom seekers are on their way. "[My] goal is to urge [my Muslim] brothers to put down their names [so as to indicate] that the affair is not over, and that they will soon set out to carry out blessed operations in Denmark. Please put down your names in order to strike fear in the hearts of the Danish people. "I take upon myself the honorable [task] of being the first martyrdom seeker to crush the strongholds of heresy in Denmark. "[Signed] Abu Al-Bara Al-Dosari. Place of residence: the secret state of Al-Qaeda, from which we will set forth to crush the heretic [regimes]."

61. Florida – Orlando International Airport – 9/9/07 –9 to 12 Muslims- During a routine test of the baggage, Transportation Security Administration authorities ran the luggage through x-ray detection and then conducted an explosive trace detection of the bags belonging to the 9 Middle Eastern passengers. The x-ray of the bags found questionable items inside the luggage, and the explosive trace detection tests resulted in a “positive hit” for explosives – specifically, SEMTEX, an explosive commonly used by Islamic terrorists. To be certain, however, the luggage was tested no less than 4 times by four different machines and operators. Each time, a “positive hit” for explosives was registered. “The presence of explosive traces was ‘no mistake,’” stated one federal source talking to this agency on condition of anonymity.

Due to the multiple independent “hits” for traces of SEMTEX, TSA authorities emptied the luggage in a secured area, and were astonished by what they found. Authorities found 3 jars of Vaseline duct taped together to make one large cylinder. An inspection of this Vaseline-filled cylinder determined that someone had previously removed the Vaseline and replaced it back into the containers, something that was proven by air pockets left within the containers. Based on a thorough inspection of the luggage belonging to these Middle Eastern passengers. Authorities also found multiple strands of electrical wire with the ends stripped of the insulation, thus exposing the copper wire, small eyeglass screw drivers, clocks, cocoa butter, 2 tubs of butter, batteries of various sizes and types, a computer laptop, and multiple bottles of hydrogen peroxide – 144 ounces in all. (Rockdog – remember the Frankfurt Germany arrest a few weeks ago, they had lots of hydrogen peroxide, it’s use it to make bombs)

Even more disconcerting, TSA and security officials observed that two of the Middle Eastern men intended for the flight had smeared Vaseline on their arms and neck areas – a common tactic among hand-to-hand fighters who want the advantage in the event someone tries to grab them or put them in a headlock. Covered by the greasy agent, they are better able to extricate themselves during close-quarters, hand-to-hand fighting.

A closer inspection of the identification possessed by the Middle Eastern passengers determined that three- (3) of the men possessed false or fraudulent credentials. In fact, one of the Middle Eastern men possessed 2 passports with his picture on both, but the passport information was different on each one.
62. Florida – Orlando International Airport - 9/9/07 - According to reports from officials speaking on condition of anonymity, a similar incident occurred at the Orlando airport at approximately 1:00 p.m. on the same day – at the same security checkpoint. On this occasion, it was a female who reportedly possessed some of the same items in her luggage as the previous passengers. In fact, she was a member of the same family, added this source. According to information developed, she was not allowed on the aircraft, although her disposition – in addition to the disposition of the other two Middle Eastern families, remains undetermined at this time.

63. Michigan – Dearborn – 9/13/07 – Houssein Zorkot, Medical Student was caught in Dearborn’s Hemlock park armed with an AK-47 assault rifle and dressed in black clothes with camouflage paint covering his face. He is an avid supporter of the terrorist group Hezbollah.

Hat tips to –

The Northeast Intelligence Network

Debbie Schlussel

Make sure you put your pins in your map!!!

I find this really amazing. 55 incidents and we still do nothing. If this were a theft ring, pedophiles, drug or some other crime, the country would be upset and asking for Federal Law enforcement to look into this. BUT since it is the Muslims and they are “the religion of peace” (yea, whatever) they are doing nothing.
I guess that would be profiling and the ACLU and CAIR would fight tooth and nail against that. Sometimes I think profiling is justified and the right thing to do.

I am finding it quite hard to track the little incidents and small arrests that have been made across the country. I still need your help. Please let me know of any incidents that may have happen in your state or community. Seems like they like to try and keep this little stuff under the radar.


I just finished pushing in the pins in our map (now my finger is sore).
51 incidents of terrorism, honor killings, arrests and murder all in the name of Allah and the Wonderful Religion of Peace (yea, whatever).
They just won’t quit, will they?
And the giant still sleeps.

Thanks Again

Please let me know if I missed anything out there.

Isn’t this wonderful? We had no idea that our map would have so many pins in it.
I find it totally amazing. It’s hard to believe that we have let this go this far and yet the giant still sleeps. We have well over 40 items in the USA (that I have been able to find) and yet we do nothing.
When are we going to wake up?

OK, so someone out there is going to say, Americans do things like those listed above all the time. Yes you’re somewhat correct in that statement, BUT they do not do these in the name of Allah or for their religion. They do not hear words of hate preached at them in church or taught to them by their elders, nor do they read about killing and hate in their bibles. Only in the Koran, mosques and imam will they get to learn this.
It is beginning to be quite obvious that the Muslims are not a religion of peace after all.


Now for your Homework Assignment…

Please help us with the map.
If you know of any activity that we should include on our map, please provide the following information in the comment section (Name of person arrested, date and location with state or the link). We will use a pretty little pin to track the progress of theses pesky little varmints (might we suggest that you buy stock in the ACME pin company).
We will also update our list so that you can follow along with us. We also have plans to post a picture of our map in the near future.