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Islam in Muhammad's Own Words

Islam is a caustic blend of paganism and twisted Bible stories. Muhammad, its lone prophet, conceived his religion to satiate his lust for power, sex, and money. He was a terrorist. And if you think these conclusions are shocking, wait until you see the evidence....MORE @Prophet of Doom

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Islamic Clubs

Here is a list of Islamic Clubs.
I know at first that they may appear to be terrorist groups, but we all know that the “Religion of Peace” would NEVER have anything like that. They would denounce it to the WORLD and tell them to straighten up or the wrath of Allah and Moehoward would be upon them.
1. Abu Nidal organization
2. Abu Sayyaf
3. Aden-Abyan Islamic Army
4. Adolat - Uzbekistan
5. Akromiya - Uzbekistan
6. Al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya
7. Al Gurabaa: Al Gurabaa is a splinter group of Al-Muajiroon
8. Al-Jihad a.k.a. Egyptian Islamic Jihad, Jihad Group, Islamic Jihad
9. Armed Islamic Group
10. Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades
11. Al-Qaeda
12. Ansar al-Islam
13. Ansar Al Sunna
14. Asbat al-Ansar
15. Jama'at al-Tawhid wa'al-Jihad/Al-Qaeda in Iraq Bunch of Guys
16. Eastern Turkestan Islamic Movement - East Turkestan Liberation Organization, World Uighur Youth Congress and East Turkistan Information Center
17. Egyptian Islamic Jihad
18. Fatah al-Islam - Nahr al-Bared
19. Hamas
20. Harakat ul-Ansar
21. Harakat ul-Mujahidin
22. Hizb-an-nusra
23. Hizb ut-Tahrir
24. Hezbollah - Lebanon
25. Hizbul Mujahideen
26. Hofstad Network
27. Islamic Army of Aden
28. Islamic Front for the Liberation of Bahrain
29. Islamic Jihad Union
30. Islamic Movement of Central Asia
31. Islamic Movement of Tajikistan
32. Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan
33. Jaish-e-Mohammed
34. Jaish Ansar al-Sunna
35. Jama'at al-Jihad al-Islami
36. Jemaah Islamiyah
37. Jihad Rite
38. Jundallah
39. Lashkar-e-Jhangvi
40. Lashkar-e-Toiba
41. Libyan Islamic Fighting Group
42. Maktab al-Khadamat
43. Moroccan Islamic Combatant Group
44. Moro Islamic Liberation Front
45. Palestinian Islamic Jihad
46. Palestine Liberation Front
47. People Against Gangsterism and Drugs
48. Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat
49. Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan
50. Students Islamic Movement of India
51. Tanzim Qa'idat al-Jihad fi Bilad al-Rafidayn (QJBR) (al-Qaida in Iraq) (formerly Jama'at al-Tawhid wa'al-Jihad, JTJ, al-Zarqawi Network)
52. Takfir wal-Hijra
53. Tehreek-e-Nafaz-e-Shariat-e-Mohammadi
54. Turkish Hezbollah
55. Turkish Islamic Jihad

Islamist fronts
1. Al-Barakaat (Al-Qaida front)
2. Al-Wafa Humanitarian Organization (Al-Qaida front)
3. Benevolence International Foundation (Al-Qaida front)
4. Global Relief Foundation (Al-Qaida front)
5. Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (Hamas)
6. Konsojaya Trading Company (Jemaah Islamiyah front)

These aren’t really Islamic “CLUBS”.

This is a list of TERRORIST groups! They all have one thing in common…THEY ARE ALL MUSLIM terrorist groups.
They ALL study the same religion, they all study and read the same Qu’ran, and ALL of them have killed in the name of Islam.

I gathered as much as I could, but this list is far from complete. There are also countless splinter groups, home grown jihadi’s, mosques, and individuals that are willing to take matters into their own hands and kill for the “Religion of Peace”!

If you take the above 55 groups and figure that each group has 500 “radical” Muslims in it.
500 x 55 which equals 27,500 radical Muslims running around killing and willing to die.
That sure seems to be a lot of “radical” Muslims. Sure seems to be a lot of terror, death and destruction all coming from ONE RELIGION!!!!

I don’t see any other religious group like the religion of Islam.

Now the big picture…

What about all the family members theses radicals have? What about the mosque they belong to? The Mosque not only teaches this hate, but also recruits and teaches this hate to more people that aren’t active members of a terrorist group. What if each member of those radical groups are able to recruit just 1 member? 27,500 x 2 = 55,000, now each of those radicals recruits one…
Look at how many just 12 radical Muslims killed on 9/11.
What about the imams that teach, condone and encourage the hate and killings?
How many people are the imams turning into terrorists?
What about the Middle East children’s TV shows that are teaching hate to the kids? Then they are handed off to a radical imam or mosque for even more teaching of hate.
What does it take for people to see that the Muslim religion is anything but peaceful?

Since 9/11 the “Religion of Peace” has killed over 9400 people!
If you could ask anyone that has been affected by these killings what they think of the “Religion of Peace”, I don’t think that they would have anything nice to say about it.

Thank You


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Jihad & Taqiyya (lying) Seeing is Believing!

PARVEZ AHMED, The Miami Herald, 5/5/2007
[Parvez Ahmed is chairman of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.]

Using terms like jihadist to describe terrorist misrepresent legitimate Islamic concepts of jihad, which to most Muslims mean striving for good.

Daniel Trotta, Reuters, 7/26/07

Jihad, sometimes spelled jehad, literally means struggle, and is commonly meant to struggle in the way of God to improve one's self or society.

3. American Muslim News Briefs
Wednesday, March 21, 2007
VA: Professor Addresses Perceptions of Term 'Jihad'
Source: Cavalier Daily

Katt Henry, Professor Contrasts Historical Connotations of Term Jihad with Modern Western Interpretations, Concerns of Violence

According to Gianotti, the popular definition of jihad as a violent war is incorrect as the term describes any sort of struggle.
Bobby Grasberger | Cavalier Daily
Examining the relationship between Islamic culture and current events, including concerns about the use of violence, was the focus of a lecture yesterday given as part of Islamic Awareness Week.
Islamic Studies Prof. Timothy Gianotti noted in the lecture, which was sponsored by the Muslim Student Association, the difference between the use of the term jihad in Islamic tradition versus its use in popular culture.
"The word jihad in Arabic didn't begin as a term that made people cringe," he said.
According to Gianotti, the word literally refers to a struggle.
"Feeding the poor is jihad," he said. "Writing your Congressperson is jihad."
Prior to the lecture, Arabic Prof. Mohammed Sawaie said there is "the bigger jihad and the smaller jihad." The bigger sense of the word, he said, refers to a struggle for self-improvement while the smaller sense is a struggle to show support for Islam.
The use of the term to describe wars waged in support of Islam "is incorrect in the sense that it is not the primary meaning of jihad," he said. "It is a slogan to create a gap between East and West."
Gianotti said his goal is not to convert others to Islam, but to start a conversation about the history of the religion and its prevalence in discussion of contemporary global issues.
"We live in a time when it's so critical that we have these conversations, and so we can't stay home," Gianotti said. "As weary of this topic as we might be, we just have to make another pot of coffee and have these conversations."
Gianotti highlighted the prophet Mohammed, whose message was primarily one of non-violence although he gave his followers permission to fight if necessary.
"Islam was introducing the idea that force is a part of life, but that force is not a good in itself," he added.
Gianotti also said he thinks it is important for Muslims in America to participate in the government.
"We need to get over our phobia about religion in this country and make it part of the conversation," he said.
According to Muslim Student Association President Mai Hassan, the purpose of the lecture was to explain war and the concept of jihad from Mohammed's perspective.
"It's always been talked about, but we wanted to bring a different approach to it," she said

4. CAIR in the News
Wednesday, October 25, 2006
CAIR-CA: Rotarians Learn About Islam and 'Jihad'
Source: Daily Democrat


Guest speaker Dina El-Nakhal shed some light on the Islam faith at the weekly Rotary Club meeting Tuesday.

El-Nakhal addressed some common misconceptions about Islam and then opened the forum for a question-and-answer segment.

The "hot-button topics" she discussed ranged from the meaning of the word "jihad" to an overview of the five pillars of Islam to the social status of Muslim women.

El-Nakhal, a senior engineer for the Department of Transportation, was introduced by her father Hamza El-Nakhal, president of the Council on American-Islamic Relations in the Sacramento Valley.

After the Sept. 11 attacks, Dina said, people started associating the word "jihad" with terrorism.

"Generally, people assume 'jihad' means terrorism," Dina said. "In fact, jihad means 'struggle for the betterment of the self, society and the world.'"
5. American Muslim News Briefs
Thursday, November 22, 2001
Christian Jihad
(By Deborah Caldwell, Beliefnet, 11/22/2001)

When the Taliban captured humanitarian relief workers Dayna Curry and Heather Mercer in August, religious and political leaders in the United States were aghast. The Taliban accused the aid workers of being on a secret campaign to convert Muslims. It seemed yet another sign of the Taliban's dishonesty, extremism and paranoia.
But now that Curry and Mercer and the six other Shelter Now relief workers are safe, a different story can be told. The Taliban was partly right. Curry and Mercer did spend time in Afghanistan evangelizing--in violation of Afghani law. More significantly, they are part of a widespread and rapidly growing effort among American Christians to convert Muslims around the world.
They are warriors, in other words, in what can fairly be described as a Christian jihad against Islam... (Rockdog – Christians Jihad is conversion, Muslims jihad is fighting & death. That pretty much sums up the difference between the two religions)


Above we have CAIR’S version of Jihad or what they want us to believe (taqiyya).
Below we have the TRUE MEANING about Jihad right from the camel’s mouth.
(Hat Tip to & Craig Winn – Excerpt from “Prophet of Doom”, Chapter 13 – The Pedophile Pirate, page 293)

Book of Jihad, on page 580 of Maktba Dar-us-Salam’s publication
of Sahih Al-Bukhari: “Jihad is holy fighting in Allah’s Cause with full force of
weaponry. It is given the utmost importance in Islam and is one of its Pillars.

By Jihad Islam is established, Allah is made superior and He becomes the only God who may be worshiped.
By Jihad Islam is propagated and made superior. By abandoning Jihad (may Allah protect us from that) Islam is destroyed and Muslims fall into an inferior position. Their honor is lost, their lands are stolen, and Muslim rule and authority vanish. Jihad is an obligatory duty in Islam on every Muslim. He who tries to escape this duty dies as a hypocrite.”

Memorize this paragraph. Shout it out to all who will listen. Every word was derived from the Qur’an. Every word was lived by Muhammad. It accurately represents fundamental Islam, so much so, each of the 150 Hadiths that follow this definition of Jihad speak of fighting; none suggest a spiritual struggle. Among them, Muhammad says that the most important deed is Jihad, fighting in Allah’s Cause. (Bukhari:V4B52N44) And the Qur’an agrees, saying peaceful Muslims are hypocrites, destined for hell. They are “the worst of creatures,” “the most vile of animals.” (Qur’an surahs 3 and 33.)

So that there is no question regarding the appropriateness of using Bukhari as a source, here’s what the Islamic scholars had to say in the preface: “Al-Bukhari’s Hadith is the most authentic and true book of the Prophet.” The translators said, “I am perfectly sure that the translation, with Allah’s help and after all the great efforts exerted in its production, has neared perfection.” The imams from the cradle of Islam, the Islamic University of Medina in Saudi Arabia, said, “It has been unanimously agreed that Imam Bukhari’s work is the most authentic of all the other sources in Hadith literature put together. It is second only to the Qur’an.”

There you have it. JIHAD means DEATH, destruction and WAR. An OBLIGATORY DUTY of EVERY Muslim!

Add Jihad with Taqiyya (Lying) and you have CAIR’S version or the version that the politically correct people want to hear. The American definition of jihad, softer, less threatening and more appealing.

Then you have the people that are willing to do their homework and look past the BS of “The Religion of Peace” and know that Islam is at war with the world. We see the true Islamic definition of jihad according to their Qur’an we also know that they will not stop until they win or we wipe them off the face of the earth.

Will another 9/11 move you into action?
Will watching your wife shop for a new burqa do it?
Will seeing the loss of jobs and businesses because those companies’ products “offend” the Muslims do it?
I’m not advocating going to war with these people, but I am trying to get you to move into action.
Are you writing letters to your congress, senators and other legislative officials?
Do you tell family and friends about sites like this and others to let them find out the truth about Islam?

That is what it is going to take!
They sure don’t have any problem trying to take your rights away from you!


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She alleged that her husband was a drug addict who had tried to rape her daughter from a previous marriage, who was 15 years old at the time.

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Muslims: Little Concrete Piranhas. (repost)

I am amazed at the large number of Americans that just don't seem to grasp the idea that the Muslims are trying to take over the World.
We see what is happening in Europe (we, the ones educating ourselves on this growing problem) and it's now on our soil and yet most people still feel that it is not a threat.
I personally think part of the problem is the label that the marketing arm of their religion came up with - "the Religion of Peace". People hear that enough that they believe it. They do not want to believe that the Muslims are willing to kill any and everyone to get the world to see things their way.
Companies are giving in, people are giving in, communities and Governments are giving in to their wishes, lies and threats.

So, why the Concrete Piranhas title?
I thought of that the other day as I was talking to a good friend of mine.
I told him that we are standing on this beautiful concrete dam. We look out on the peaceful waters and see pretty sail boats and reflections of the sky and trees. Behind and below the dam lies a wonderful little city. Schools, churches, homes and office buildings all in symmetric lines below us. We look and think to ourselves that we are safe and everything is wonderful. Yet lurking under the water are these little concrete piranhas eating away at the dam. They don't make a ripple in the water, no splash or loud noise. Just tiny little bites taken out of the concrete dam.
Here we are standing on a huge structure that will give way to flood the city below and wash it away. Just like the Johnstown Flood, the town will be wiped out. Death, destruction and drastic changes are about to happen to hundreds of unsuspecting people.

The concrete piranhas are the Muslims all around us.  They are slowly eating away at our dams (the Constitution, Bill of Rights and our Freedoms).  In one town they are given this "right", in that town they are given something else. These little bits and pieces are going to add up and bring a wall of change over us if things continue to proceed this way.

A law in this town will change the laws of that state. The laws of a state will change the law of the land. They will use the little freedoms they gain to build a bigger part of the puzzle that they are trying to piece together. Slowly but surely they will build upon each success and we won't see it until it's too late.

How do we see the changes in "Small Town" or the changes in Middletown Minnesota, when we live hundreds or thousands of miles away? It's hard for us to see the little pieces being put together across the country. I think that this is where CAIR fits in. They are the puzzle keeper. They use their strength, knowledge and networking to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

We need to stay on top of things. We need to band together and thank God in Heaven that we have blog sites to help us find these pieces and try to undo what is being done before it's too late.

A letter to your councilman, representative or Congressman will do something. Educate yourself before you vote. We need to fight in any way that we can. Sitting on our asses and looking out at the pretty water is going to change us all. They are eating away at the concrete dam and most people don't even know it yet.

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It's Official: Muslims Murdered Chauncey Bailey

By Debbie Schlussel

Earlier today, I mentioned the theory of Little Concrete Piranhas that Muslims from Your Black Muslim Bakery murdered classy investigative journalist Chauncey Bailey.

Well, deputize those bloggers at LCP, because their hunch, posted yesterday right after news of Bailey's murder, has proven correct. Muslims Murdered Bailey in cold blood. And it appears to have been pre-meditated, too.

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The Muslim Bow-Tie Brigade: Who Killed Chauncey Bailey?

Breaking News - Possible Ties to Muslims?

Chauncey Bailey (57) Gunned Down in Oakland California - Editor of the
Oakland Post.
Appears like nothing, but Chauncey Bailey was well known for exposing
Black Muslims to their evil ways in the past.
Did it catch up to him?
ONGOING Investigation!!!

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Rondell Dog

Lars Vilks
On this posting I will insert my comments.

From the CAIR Newsletter

PARVEZ AHMED, The Miami Herald, 5/5/2007

[Parvez Ahmed is chairman of the Council on American-Islamic Relations. (Rockdog – I don’t think you will find any bias in this report, I do know though that we will find a lot of taqiyya (lies)).

Five years into President Bush's declaration of the "global war on terrorism," the latest State Department report shows a 25 percent increase in worldwide terrorist attacks over the previous year. Terrorism is an abominable tactics, not an ideology. Thus declaring "war" against it, while politically expeditious, is in reality temerarious, as it only attacks the symptom without addressing the cause (Rockdog - THE CAUSE ARE THE MUSLIMS!)
Global patterns show that terrorism is not exclusive to any one group. Between 1980 and 2003, the world's leader in suicide terrorism has been the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, a group that recruits from the predominantly Hindu Tamil population in Sri Lanka. (Rockdog – they have kept most of their violence in Sri Lanka. They currently have a cease-fire in effect with the Govt., they want an independent state and it’s a civil war within Sri Lanka. Muslims want to convert the World and there will never be a cease-fire with them.) According the Terrorism Knowledge Base (, between 1968 and 2007, the largest purveyors of terrorism have been groups affiliated with communist/socialist or nationalist/separatist ideology.
(Rockdog – But from 2001 to today the largest purveyors of terrorism are the MUSLIMS.)

Despite this, Islam continues to be conflated with terrorism. (Rockdog – HMMM maybe it’s the 9,050+ Deaths at the hands of Muslims Since 9/11!)

The intertwining of political rhetoric with religious imagery by groups like al Qaeda certainly precipitates the notion of some intrinsic link between Islam and terrorism. (Rockdog – Well, ISN’T THERE?)

This perception is greatly assisted by a veritable cottage industry of neo-experts pontificating with great certainty about the cause-effect relationship between Islam and terrorism. Such mischaracterization is at odds with the reality that Islam unequivocally condemns terrorism (Rockdog – then why is CAIR and several other “ISLAMIC” groups being investigated for ties to terrorism?) and advocates the preservation of life, honor and dignity of all human life as a supreme endeavor (Rockdog – Except Dogs, Monkeys, Pigs, Infidels, Jews and Kafirs.  Doesn’t your Qu’ran tell you to convert us or kill us?) Thus, terrorism even when carried out in the name or defense of Islam (Rockdog – what are you defending Islam against?) cannot be called jihad but is rather an unholy war. Robert Pape in his seminal work Dying to Win contends that military occupation, not religious ideology, is the primary enabler of terrorism. (Rockdog – I guess the Twin Towers on 9/11 had military occupation? What about the school in Pakistan, the Subways in England, the Airport in Glasgow or the …you get the idea. NONE of those places had military occupation!)

Douglas Streusand and Harry Tunnell of the National Defense University in a recent paper argue that characterizing terrorism committed by Muslims as "Islamic" alienates billions of peace loving Muslims worldwide (Rockdog – but not doing that is taqiyya, lying!). Using terms like jihadist to describe terrorist misrepresent legitimate Islamic concepts of jihad, which to most Muslims mean striving for good. (Rockdog – Striving for good? Are you sure? Then I guess the several HUNDRED references to jihad as war that we have all seen or read are wrong? Webster’s Dictionary (10th addition, 1997
) defines jihad as a holy war waged on behalf of Islam as a religious duty. A crusade for a principle or belief) Calling terrorists jihadists also legitimizes an un-Islamic activity in the eyes of the disenfranchised Muslims, thus aiding recruitment. (Rockdog – if they are disenfranchised, then shouldn’t your religion help set them straight, your teachers, mosques and imams? Why are they able to continue on the path of hate if your Qu’ran is so filled with love and honor?) Developing an alternative vocabulary is a necessary but not sufficient step towards addressing the problem of terrorism. (Rockdog – The Muslims gave us the vocabulary that we use. America never used the word Jihad before the terrorist and Muslims started to use it. We didn’t make this up.)

The State Department report cites continued instability in Iraq as one of the major reasons for the increases in terrorist acts. (Rockdog – the instability is because Muslims hate each other (Sunni – Shiite) and then they kill other Muslims.) Terrorism is indeed a consequence of wars of choice such as Iraq, but it also has historic links to other wars of necessity such as the Cold War. (Rockdog – I don’t really remember reading about terrorism ALL OVER THE WORLD until the Muslims brought it.)

During the Cold War, U.S. financing, recruitment and arming of foreign fighters to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan led not only to Soviet retreat but also its demise. However, the enabling of a culture of drugs to finance the war and the deliberate injection of religious rhetoric to motivate recruits had unintended consequences. Compounding the problem, unlike post World War II Europe, no Marshall Plan was enacted to rebuild Afghanistan where out of a population of roughly 15 million, a million Afghans had died, an additional 1 ½ million were maimed, and five million had become refugees. Amid this death and destruction, with a country littered in drugs and guns, violence became law enabling terrorists to carve out safe havens. (Rockdog – so now it’s OUR problem that this wonderful “Religion of Peace” didn’t bring about a better world for Afghanistan? The Marshal Plan was after WORLD WAR II. A war that involved most of the WORLD not just one country. Why aren’t the wonderful Muslims (over 1 billion strong) reaching out and helping their fellow Muslim? Why is it that the World hates America, but loves her money?)

Failed states, like occupations, can also breed and incubate terrorism. (Rockdog – HMMM we have 50 states and none of them have failed!)

To contain terrorism, if not eliminate it, the way forward is to engage in common-sense methods of intelligence gathering without criminalizing entire groups of people (Rockdog – But what if the intelligence gathered keeps pointing to a certain group?) military strategies without resorting to indiscriminate bombings (Rockdog – you mean like 9/11 or suicide bombers?) and enabling the emergence of democratic and civic societies by eliminating foreign occupations. Addressing grievances cannot automatically be dismissed as appeasement. Britain succeeded in disarming the IRA by engaging them, not ignoring its demands (Rockdog - Do you want us to engage the “Religion of Peace? You always “claim” to be defending Islam.). In fact, the conversion of terrorist groups into peaceful political movements has often occurred when their rationale for violence ceased to exist. (Rockdog – Then it appears to me that you want the Crusades all over again. You want the World to kick Islam back into the 7th century? Don’t worry it appears that we are on the brink of it.)

In a recent Washington Post article, Zbigniew Brzezinski, national security advisor to President Jimmy Carter, called upon moderates, including Muslims, to from a global alliance "to terminate the political conflicts that spawn terrorism." This alliance is only possible when American foreign policy changes course to reflect America's values of liberty and justice for all, with an unwavering commitment to dialogue and diplomacy. (Rockdog – What? We freed Iraq from the hands of a brutal leader, the stranglehold of Saddam was lifted and terrorism came in and is pretty much doing the same thing as Saddam. Our Policies or the policies of Islam are what needs to change?)


Stop with the big words, I got tired of digging out my dictionary and trying to figure out what you really meant. Not that I am stupid, just that your letter is a little over the top.
Was this your idea of trying to say that you think you’re smart or are you trying to make those big words hide the lies and B.S. that you have used so well?

The Muslims have been killing people at an alarming rate for the last several years. Again you use taqiyya so well. It doesn’t seem to be a few “radical” Muslims that have taken over your religion…IT IS YOUR RELIGION THAT IS VIOLENT! It’s not American policy, It’s not Afghanistans war with Russia, it’s not the World’s fault, BUT IT IS THE FAULT OF THE MUSLIMS AND THEIR RELIGION.


We see the TV shows that you air to Muslim kids in the Middle East (Hamas's Al-Aqsa television station recruited a new children's character to "continue" the legacy of its star martyr, Farfur – the Mickey Mouse lookalike who was beaten to death by an Israeli on the previous program.
The new character on the children's show Tomorrow's Pioneers, a bee named Nahool, tells the hostess he is Farfur's cousin and that he wishes to "continue the path of Farfur… the path of martyrdom, the path of the Jihad warriors… and in his name we shall take revenge upon the enemies of Allah, the murderers of the prophets..." The expression "Murderers of the prophets" is an Islamic expression used by the PA religious leaders to refer to Jews. Defining the Jews as the enemies of God is common in PA religious broadcasting.)
Mr. Ahmed you’re teaching HATE to your kids. It isn’t anybody’s fault but your own. This is not isolated, IT ON THE TV!!! Is this your religion Mr. Ahmed? Is this right?

Muslims are now taking boxes of cheese with batteries and tape on them into airports. What FOR Mr. Ahmed?
Help me understand why Muslims are doing this? Is this the right thing to do? Do you agree with this?
Do you agree with the six imams that would not sit in THEIR ASSIGNED SEAT (like everybody else did) asked for seat belt extensions when they did not need them and then are trying to sue the airline and passengers for being scared? Is this a good representation of ISLAM Mr. Ahmed?

Why is it Mr. Ahmed that you have an excuse for everything under the sun, but you will never admit that some of these actions are actually hurting every Muslim in America and the World?

If your Islam is so “peaceful, loving and compassionate” then why are these “terrorist” always tied to a mosque? Why is there never (hardly ever) anyone stepping up to tell authorities to look into this person or that (that may be because your fellow Muslims threaten the person that helped with death). We are seeing a pattern and if you can’t see it then your simply blind to the facts.

Mr. Ahmed, use your big words and your taqiyya all you want.
It’s really simple. So simple that maybe you just can’t get it through your head.
Muslims are killing innocent people at an alarming rate. Muslims are continuing to use terrorism in countries all over the World. Muslims plan attacks in the US and Muslims have more freedom here than anywhere else in the world. Muslims are the problem Mr. Ahmed. If it was an isolated incident I could understand your concern and possibly your explanation, but Mr. Ahmed, your religion is teaching, showing and constantly proving that you’re nothing but a religion of hate and intolerance. It’s not hard to see that. Maybe you should step outside your glass house and look around.

Here is the latest from the “Religion of Peace”
7/25/07 Iraq Baghdad – 55 dead – 125 injured - Islamic terrorists stage two massive car bombings that slaughter over fifty Iraqis celebrating their country's soccer win in the street.
The Religion of Peace can’t even celebrate or enjoy freedom to compete. NO, you take advantage of it and use the opportunity to kill an even larger group.

The “Religion of Peace” has to its credit 135 deaths in only 3 days. What would you call this Mr. Ahmed? If this were any other group in the world, wouldn’t you come to the same conclusion that we have?

How loud would the cry be if the Christians killed Muslims at this alarming rate?
I hear your crying over a Qu’ran in the toilet, but very little when it comes to terrorism.
OH, wait, Christians reach out to help their fellow man. Muslims blow themselves up or kill the Christians. The South Korean Christians in Afghanistan that are being held hostage were there to help the people of Afghanistan and they didn’t care if they were Muslims or not.
Why do we not read about Muslims reaching out to help their fellow man? Why do we only see Muslims reaching out with death and destruction?

Sorry Mr. Ahmed, but the facts speak for themselves.


P.S. If America doesn’t offer Muslims the prayer breaks you need while working, footbaths, the right food, the right clothes, the right education and you feel that Americans are committing hate crimes against you. Then you think you have your religious rights “violated” and you feel that America is holding you back from getting closer to your pagan god Allah, LEAVE! Leave before our wonderful freedoms that we fought for (and you take for granted) corrupt you any more. LEAVE NOW before your women and children become westernized. LEAVE NOW and take them back to the desert and 700 A.D. where you can enjoy your Sharia law, honor killings, beating your wives, genital mutilation, jihad, and your Qu’ran in peace.

I am positive that we will not have any problem getting you a nice plane ticket out of this country and to the Muslim friendly country of your choice. Just remember PLEASE DO NOT report any suspicious activity you may find on the flight, you will just delay the flight and end up getting sued by the other passengers.