Thursday, July 26, 2007

Put it back where you got it.

Qur'an defines "Infidels" in the 5th surah. "They are surely Infidels who say Christ, the Messiah is God." (5:72)

Qur'an 2:10 "As for those who deny Islam...they shall be the faggots for the Fire of Hell."

According to CAIR, other religions should not have the same rights that Muslims enjoy in Muslim lands.

OH those words of love from CAIR, Allah and Mohammed (may a piece of camel dung fall upon him).

I work part-time in a big box store. It keeps me busy and gives me a little extra money to do things with.
It occurred to me one night while working that we (at least most of you) are going to go down without a fight. Just like in my big box store, if it doesn’t matter to you or affect you personally then you simply don’t care.
I told this to my Bud. I said Bud; you know why we might loose this fight? (Being the great Bud that he is, he humored me and played along), he said “no, why”? I said it’s because people do not put stuff back where they got it. I find products lying on the floor aisles away from where they belong, stuffed onto other displays or into a box because they are too lazy to return it where they found it. All they have to do is hand it to one of the people on the floor and ask them to return it for them. Nope, they leave it lay. Sad thing is people don’t realize that doing this costs them money. This company pays us to clean up after people like this and they pay us tons. They pay us to go around the store and find these items and put them back.

Now figure we have a shift that does this for approx. 30-45 minutes a day, we do it continuously as we work, but we do most of it after closing. We pick things up that people are too lazy to put away. Instead of getting everything ready for the customers for tomorrow, we clean up after lazy customers from today. This laziness costs YOU a lot of money, because the store marks things up accordingly to offset this loss.

My Point is…. this laziness may seem like it doesn’t affect anyone. That is why the big box stores hire us, Right? WRONG, they hire us to help you, the customer. They do not hire us to baby-sit your kids, throw your trash away or pick up after you. But we do it all the time and even though you think this does not affect you directly, IT DOES AFFECT YOU DIRECTLY. Just like all the radical Muslims all over the world affect you too. You may think that all this Jihad talk, radical Muslims and Iraq have little or nothing to do with you, well just like leaving that box you got from aisle 12 in aisle 57, it does affect you. It directly affects you, your family and your job. Just because you weren’t in New York, Washington D.C., or on one of the hijacked planes on 9/11, it still affects YOU!
How? Glad you asked. It’s easy. Old Bin laden sits in a cave and emails something like this… “Prepare-Allah willing- soon for infidels they will see that Allah is great. Fire will rain from the sky again”. He types this out and then hits the send button. Bin Laden and his band of cronies sit back and laugh and watch what happens. First thing to happen, the message is intercepted by our intelligence. We relay the info to higher authorities and then access the threat. Since it is new, from a cave and has Bin’s email on it we believe it to be valid. The President tells Intel to send the message to the British MI6. We heighten the security at all major airports and the government offices. The Military is put on guard, the local emergency crews are also put on guard and so is the State and local police.

That email just cost the US Taxpayer $1.2 billion dollars! There is no real threat, just a “radical” Muslim playing games. Bin Laden sits back turns on FOX News and watches the terror alert go from Yellow to RED. He see that the message made it and that he just completed another terrorist attack on America and didn’t do anything other than a simple little email. They all laugh about it and then get back to their DIRECT TV and watch the Price is Right.

The Muslim threat DOES affect each and every one of us. Sure it may not be a real threat, but it is costing you money and time. Your 401K just took a hit and you lost $1,500 today and it will take 2-4 months to regain it back (maybe more, maybe longer).

Still think the war and the Muslims don’t affect you.
The stock for your company just dropped 12%. That means all the money they hoped to use for Research & Development is gone and now there are possible layoffs. No bonus either.

Gas prices spike because of the threat and now you will pay more to drive to work, to drive anywhere and to even buy a plane ticket.

We all know that once prices go up, they never really seem to go back down.

The Muslim threat does cost each and every one of us. Just like not putting something away, you’re failing to see the big picture.

The Muslims have us so afraid they don’t even need to succeed on an attack to win. They have CAIR with its Saudi Money and lawyers willing to sue you if you report suspicious activity (John Doe Bill, the six imams and United Airlines). They are having YOU the taxpayers put in footbaths for them to pray, but the ACLU will not allow prayer in school. The Muslims have a foiled plot to destroy pipelines and the airport. What did/will this cost us to prosecute them, jail and maintain the terrorist for 15-20+ years? When they are in Jail they can recruit and train more jihad soldiers that are going to be released soon back into our neighborhoods.

The big picture is that there is no other religion that we need to watch and fear as closely as we do the “Religion of Peace”. They are willing to kill, scare us, destroy our economy, and cost us Billions of dollars that we could use for education or medical. No, instead we will throw money at the problem and bury our heads in the sand.

Maybe if we only look at ourselves and not think about the big picture it will go away.

It WON’T GO AWAY until one side wins.
It won’t get better until they are gone.
It won’t be our fault. We are trying to get the warning out.
We see the signs, but why so many other people don’t see it is beyond us.
I personally think it’s because people think that this threat to our country by the Muslims is not real. My Bud thinks its people being blind, ignorant and lazy. Either way it does affect YOU PERSONALLY. It may not be as obvious as a plane crashing into your front yard or a suicide bomber visiting your hometown mall.

But it does affect you.

Notice the 9/11 tax on ALL plane fares?
Notice the increased security at the airport? Longer check in times/lines?
Notice the Air Marshals?
Notice the closing down or lack of public access to historic landmarks? Whitehouse, (must be submitted through one’s member of congress) The Washington Monument limits its visitors daily (tickets only). The Statue of Liberty (closed until further notice)
US Mints (open but if Homeland Security is orange or above they are closed).
Notice the password changes on your computer?
Notice the additional cameras in certain areas?
Notice the Government spending countless hours on terrorist bills and laws?
Notice the new Government office of Homeland Securities?
Notice your taxes going up to pay for all this?
And have you noticed the “NEW” (they never had this when I was a kid) Security Guards at the White House? They’re are all dressed in black, with fully automatic assault weapons. Not sure if they are Secret Service, but the ones we saw where big, mean and would not let us get a picture of them.

Hide your head in the sand or just roll over and go to sleep.
Maybe you are right, it doesn’t affect you.
I’m simply paranoid and overacting.

Are you that sure I’m not?
Are you seeing the big picture?

Thank You