Thursday, July 5, 2007


These are a few of my favorite things…
(Sung to the tune from the movie “Sound Of Music”.

Koran 9:123, where Allah says: 'O ye who believe! Fight the infidels who are near to you, and let them find ruthlessness in you, and know that Allah is with the faithful.'

"Allah Commanded the Believers… to Show [Their Enemies] No Mercy or Compassion"

A wonderful Quote from one of their “religious Leaders” "Hussein Bin Mahmoud "The 29th day of Rabi' Al-Awwal, 1428 (April 17, 2007)."

Allah commands [us] to fight the enemy the same way he fights us, to kill him in the same way he kills us, and to deliberately kill those who set out to kill us. Today, our enemies hit us with nuclear bombs, cluster [bombs] and chemical [bombs] which have killed many of our men, women and children, destroyed homes and crops, spread disease and burned [people's] bodies. We [therefore] have the right to fight back by the same means, by the command of Allah who [instructs us] to be ruthless and fierce [with the enemy] and to smite him, in order to teach others a lesson... "These verses teach us that Allah commanded the believers to be firm, forceful, ruthless and radical in killing the enemies who fight against [Islam], and to show them no mercy or compassion... This applies to offensive jihad.

"May Allah send the [Muslim] nation someone who will kill them even more [savagely], strike terror in their [souls], tear their hearts out... cut their heads off, tear them limb from limb and shed their blood in rivers...

Qur’an 21:44 Do they see Us advancing, gradually reducing the land (in their control), curtailing its borders on all sides? It is they who will be overcome.

Qur’an 9:123 “murder them and treat them harshly”

Muslims all the time lie to Infidels about what the Qur’an says. In fact, the Qur’an honors and promote deceit to advance Islam against the Infidels.

Qur’an 2:193 “And fight with them until there is no persecution, and religion should be only for Allah”

Qur’an 8:55 Surely the vilest of animals in Allah’s sight are those who disbelieve.

Qur’an 8:58 “If you apprehend treachery from any group on the part of a people (with whom you have a treaty), retaliate by breaking off (relations) with them. The infidels should not think they can bypass (Islamic law or the punishment of Allah). Surely they cannot escape.”

Quran Surah 61:
Allah loves those who fight for him. 4
Allah leads some people astray. 5
The worst thing you can do is tell a lie about Allah

Quran Surah 60:
Don’t be friends with disbelievers. They are your (and Allah’s) enemy. 1
Don’t be friends with those who have warred against you because of religion. Whoever makes friends with them is a wrong-doer. 9
Don’t be friends with those who disbelieve in the Hereafter. They are Allah’s enemies. 13

Quran Surah 48:
Those who think an evil thought concerning Allah will be cursed and sent to hell by him. 6
Allah has prepared a flame for the disbelievers. 13
If you refuse to fight for Allah, he will punish you with a painful doom. 16-17
But if you’re willing to fight for Allah, he will provide you with lots of booty. 19-20 (that would be 72 “booties” to be exact) Now that was funny!
Allah punished those who disbelieved with a painful punishment. 25
Those with Muhammad are ruthless toward disbelievers and merciful toward themselves. 29


I have found this nice list of Quotes from the “Religion Of Peace”.
I sure can feel the love after reading all those wonderful quotes.
Yes, they really are a religion of peace.
Would you teach any of those quotes to your children? I don’t think so.
Our schools and courtrooms are not even allowed to hang the Ten Commandments on the wall.

Is it not totally amazing that we have access to their Quran, to their “religious leaders” teachings, Mosque, Internet sites and even access to their television shows and WE STILL DON’T WANT TO ADMIT THAT THE ISLAMIC RELIGION IS AT WAR WITH THE WORLD? Does any of that sound anything like a Religion of PEACE? Doesn’t it sound more like a call to arms from the 7th century? St. George get the boys together for we are heading out to slay the dragon of Islam. AGAIN!

What is it going to take to wake us up? It’s definitely not going to be the obvious that’s for sure.

The Muslims aren’t quiet, nor are they hiding their motives, but we still sit back and try to believe that their “religion” has been taken over by a “few” bad apples. THERE IS A WHOLE LOT MORE THAN JUST A FEW BAD APPLES IN THEIR RELIGION!!!

Let’s try and put this into perspective. We have approx. 1.4 million active military members. There are approx. 1.5 BILLION Muslims in the world (OOPS, 1.499 BILLION, another suicide bomber just blew himself up, Praise Allah). If only 10% of them are “extremist” in the Muslim religion that equates out to 1.5 MILLION MUSLIM EXTREMIST IN THE WORLD. THAT also means there are only .93 members in the US Military to every Muslims extremist! They outnumber our Military!

What if the percent of extreme Muslims are 15% or 25% or possibly MORE! Feel safe? On the July 2nd Sean Hannity Show, his guest Brigitte Gabriel said that they estimated that the extremist might be as high as 29%. REMEMBER THIS… it is OK for the Muslims to lie to us infidels (Al-Taqiyya, see my June 14th post). How can we to ever know what the true number of “radical” Muslim extremist there are in the world? Which Muslims are going to mastermind or execute the next 9/11? Will this one be a “homegrown” Muslim? Will it be a silent cell that gets the call into action?

On Fox News this Morning, July 3rd, they said that CBS is claiming the Muslims in the British attacks (now 8 people) are mostly doctors and that they were recruited by Al-Quida back in 2002. They used a fast track medical visa to make it into the country. Eight people in the medical field (most Doctors) caught in England (and elsewhere) for terrorism. People that swore an oath to uphold human life. These “doctors of death” swore an allegiance to kill for their religion. These people were successful and had achieved their life’s ambition to become a Doctor, BUT their HATERED toward non-Muslims was stronger. Who kept that fire of hate burning after they arrived to England? Somebody had to do that. I would hope that they are shutting down that mosque. If the mosque was able to feed the fire for so long (I am sure that there are other members in that mosque) then WHY did nobody in the mosque tell the authorities? Why does this happen over and over again and everybody in the mosque acts surprised? SOMEBODY in the Muslim community HAD to know about this.

This is the Religion of Peace? This is a religion of pure HATE and nothing else.

Has it ever occurred to anyone that those doctors (and maybe other Muslims doctors) also did not or do not perform their duties as doctors 100% on non-Muslim people? It appears that an oath to uphold human life means nothing to them, especially toward an infidel.

How do you possibly track or look for someone that has no record, no wants or warrants and has blended in society? We are not allowed to profile (that would violate their rights)! BUT if you’re a victim you have no rights! If you can sue for profiling, then why can’t you sue for NOT profiling?

I really am afraid to write this next part BUT my Bud and I both believe this.
We both believe that it is going to take ANOTHER MAJOR strike against the United States to finally wake us up and get us to do something. These little tiny “JIHADS” that only kill 1 to 5 people here in America just hasn’t been enough to wake us up. It’s going to be something as big OR BIGGER than 9/11. Doesn’t seem to matter what terrorist act is happening anywhere else in the World either. Britain, Spain, Iraq or India, we don’t seem to care. Once it does happen here (and it’s going to) sadly we will probably stand up and yell and then sit back down to see what is going on with Paris Hilton and fall back to sleep.

WAKE UP AMERICA, what is it going to take to get us to see the trouble that is right in front of us?
Do we really need another 3000 innocent American lives lost (this time it will probably be more than 3,000 as they will try and raise the bar) before we wake up?

The warnings are there. The plans have been laid out or they are already moving forward and we still want to think that the Muslims are a religion of peace. We have countless blogs, websites, government groups, former MUSLIMS, reports, arrests and even polls telling us to watch out. There have been several murders, attacks, foiled attacks, and small successful ones to show us what is ahead and waiting for us.

Yet America still sleeps.
SHHHHHHH, don’t wake us! We are sleeping!

Thank You