Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Our blog is not the biggest, not the best, and definitely not the fanciest, but our blog is our link to the world. This blog is our way of being heard. We don't have millions to donate to some political party. We are not famous (that would give us access to Capital Hill) and when we write letters to our politicians, they send us replies that skirt the issues, talk in circles and typically pats the politician on their own back. NEVER do they tell us their true views or feeling on an issue. This is our way of YELLING to the world that we see things happening that we do not like. We also know that there are many other people that feel like we do. We want them to know that they are not alone in their views. We see our country going down in a tailspin and we need to get the word out to other people so that maybe we can prevent things from going bad to worse. As our friends say on their blog "Let Freedom Ring. The Revolution will be blogged" is also how we feel. Blogging is our way to be heard and to get the troops ready. Our biggest concerns are immigration (ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION) and the Muslim threat on us. Sharia law is slowly coming our way and we can't understand why so many people are doing nothing about this. The Muslims are a real threat to our freedom. They will stop at nothing to achieve their goal. We don't want to sit and bitch; we want to be proactive. If we sit and do nothing then we are part of the problem. WE WILL be part of the solution. If America turns into Sharia law, then it won't be our fault. We tried. So please read, write, reply and review all that we have put on here. We have included links to other blogs that we feel are useful and that also will provide you with lots of information to help protect our great country from being lost without a fight. Thank You, Rockdog