Friday, June 22, 2007

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US air strike in Afghanistan leaves 7 boys dead and Afghans angry, while continued violence in Iraq takes a toll on the civilian population.
Dan Murphy, Christian Science Monitor, 6/19/07

Civilian causalities in Afghanistan and Iraq have many accusing US and coalition forces of causing unnecessary deaths.

A US airstrike on an alleged Taliban position that killed seven Afghan boys on Sunday is the latest source of controversy over who is to blame, according to several media sources.

Agence France-Presse reports that the White House says that the boys were being used as "human shields" by Taliban forces, which bear the responsibility for their deaths.

"Certainly we grieve for those who are lost," said White House spokesman Tony Snow. "We also understand that as a matter of tactics, the Taliban and other terrorists sometimes also try to transform innocents into human shields."

US forces called in the airstrike on the religious school in eastern Afghanistan because they believed it was being used as an Al Qaeda and Taliban staging ground. The New York Times quoted a US military spokesman as saying they didn't know there were any children inside, but it noted that Afghan anger at civilian casualties is rising.

The death of the children on Sunday may well add to the crescending anger many Afghans feel about civilian casualties from American and NATO military operations. More than 130 civilians have been killed in airstrikes and shootings in the past six months, according to Afghan authorities.

The deaths of the children are not an isolated incident, The Washington Post reports. The paper quotes the head of the provincial council of Uruzgan, Mulvi Hamdullah, as saying that 50 civilians had died during intensified NATO operations in the area. A US military spokesman said the operations had claimed an equal number of insurgent lives.

MY quote from the Qur’an.
(As for) those who disbelieve in Our communications, We shall make them enter fire; so oft as their skins are thoroughly burned, We will change them for other skins, that they may taste the chastisement; surely Allâh is Mighty, Wise. (Q. 4:56)


I just could not take it. I had to speak up.

How dare you attack our American Soldiers and have the audacity to say that they are to blame for this. YOU STARTED this war. YOU continue to fight this war and one day soon you will see the full fury of America (if not the entire world) rain down on you.

Why do you always act like we are to blame? I know why, because the MSM plays into your pathetic hands and so does the ACLU. Well let me remind you that we are not all stupid like those people are. WE are the ones that you need to fear, because we see what is going on and we will not let you take us over or push us around for long. We are getting the word out and people are reading our blogs and seeing the truth.

Here is a list just from Afghanistan for you to think about!!!!!

6/20/07 Afghanistan Kandahar - Three Canadian peacekeepers are killed in a roadside attack by Islamic extremists.
6/20/07 Afghanistan Khost - Talibanis enter a mosque and shoot three Afghan civilians to death. 6/20/07 Afghanistan Zabul - Religious extremists fire on a UN relief convoy, killing two Afghans.
6/19/07 Afghanistan Uruzgan - Islamic militants attack a village, murdering ten civilians and four Afghan police.
6/17/07 Afghanistan Herat - The Taliban attack a remote police post, killing two officers.
6/17/07 Afghanistan Kabul - Three dozen Afghans are blown to Allah by Islamic bombers in an attack on a transportation hub.
6/17/07 Afghanistan Kandahar - Three soldiers and an interpreter are murdered in a Taliban roadside attack
6/16/07 Afghanistan Kabul - A suicide bomber sends four Afghan civilians to Allah.
6/15/07 Afghanistan Uruzgan - A suicide bomber kills five children about 12-years of age and four adults.
6/13/07 Afghanistan Mizan - The Taliban send an RPG into a house, killing a 7-year-old girl.
6/12/07 Afghanistan Lashkar Gah - A religious extremists blows himself up on a bicycle, killing a nearby police officer.
6/12/07 Afghanistan Logar - A female teacher and a 13-year-old girl student are savagely murdered by religious fundamentalists.
6/9/07 Afghanistan Murghab - The Taliban ambush an Afghan security party, killing two policemen. 6/9/07 Afghanistan Kandahar - Religious extremists kill a man as he leaves a barbershop.
6/8/07 Afghanistan Laghman - At least one Afghan is killed in a Taliban bombing.
6/7/07 Afghanistan Zabul - Religious extremists attack a police post, killing one Afghan.
6/5/07 Afghanistan Parwan - The female head of a girls' school is shot to death by religious fundamentalists.
6/5/07 Afghanistan Kandahar - Sunni extremists capture and behead an Afghan doctor.
6/3/07 Afghanistan Paktia - The Taliban execute an Afghan government official after keeping him hostage for two days.
6/2/07 Afghanistan Ghazni - Religious extremists attack a man's home, killing his wife, two sons and two other children.
6/1/07 Afghanistan Kunar - The Taliban kill two women in a rocket attack on a series of homes.
6/1/07 Afghanistan Kabul - Religious fanatics murder A female journalist inside her home.

In only 20 days your “religion of peace” has managed to kill 91 people (11 children). You idiots killed police officers, a doctor, a teacher, mothers and children.

We killed 7 kids (I am so saddened by this, but this IS WAR) and casualty of innocent people happen when the enemy uses them as shields or cowers behind innocent women and children trying to save their pathetic asses.

Dan Murphy, Christian Science Monitor, YOU make sure you read my post “Mothers don’t let your children Blow up to be Muslims”
There you will see the death and carnage the Muslims have done to innocent children in just a 50-day span.

From Above…
The death of the children on Sunday may well add to the crescendoing anger many Afghans feel about civilian casualties from American and NATO military operations. More than 130 civilians have been killed in airstrikes and shootings in the past six months, according to Afghan authorities.

The Afghans feel anger toward us? If we weren’t there the Taliban (Muslims) would still be killing people like crazy!
So who would they be angry at then? The Taliban (Muslims) have killed more people than the U.S. Military has. The Taliban (Muslims) have killed 91 people in 20 days and it took the U.S. Military 6 months to reach 130!

I just had to reply. That really made me mad. I am so proud of our soldiers and the work that they are doing, but the 7th century mentality of the Middle East doesn’t even realize it.

I love CAIR; they must be stupid to think that we are all that gullible to believe all of the BS that is out there.