Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Open Letter to CAIR.  Now entitled Pathetic Islamic Group (or P.I.G. for short). previous post

Just like CAIR’s newsletter, I will start this out with a nice quote from the Qur’an.

"Muhammad is the Apostle of Allah. Those who follow him are merciful to one another, but ruthless to unbelievers" Sura 48:29

"Kill the Mushrikun (unbelievers) wherever you find them, and capture them and besiege them, and lie in wait for them in each and every ambush..." Sura 9:5.

Dear CAIR,

I am really getting sick and tired of all your crying and complaining about how unfair you feel that the Muslims are being treated. I am tired of the way this Country (and many companies, stores and other businesses) need to ACCOMMODATE you and your religious ways.

Help me to understand why we in America have been able to “ACCOMMODATE” people from all over the world with all their religions and there hasn’t been a problem until the Muslims? I don’t hear the people from other countries or religions crying for special treatment (just to be sure let me think this over, NOPE, not one other group).

To me you have got a lot of nerve asking for anything. You should be crawling under a rock and hiding instead of asking for handouts. If you want to label a lot of us as Islamophobes, then I am going to label you as a Pathetic Islamic Group (or P.I.G. for short).

You cry that we need footbaths, we need special food, we need this and we demand that. Then if those things are so damned important for you to practice your faith, here’s an idea…PAY FOR IT YOURSELF. BUY YOUR OWN FOOTBATHS, buy a company and have it make your “special” foods. Why should we have to do everything for you?

To me it’s not real surprising. Look at the Middle East. What do they give the world? I can’t think of anything that they give us other than oil and terrorism in your god’s name, so it’s not surprising that you’re asking the United States for a handout. Look at Israel, they made greenhouses in the Gaza strip. Then they had to turn them over to the Palestinians and they destroyed them, they can’t grow anything in them or make anything but trouble. Personally I am glad the Palestinians don’t have a country. They do not deserve it. They would only use it to house terrorist training camps; build bombs and supply suicide bombers with equipment and personnel. If you don’t think this is true, just look at what they are doing with the Gaza strip that they now own and control.

I am really getting tired of you and your demands. It seems to me that you would care more about promoting your religion and policing it and trying to make it better. Nope, not you. You stand up and cry foul at every little thing. CAIR doesn’t want the word “Muslim” used in connection with the Fort Dix Six.
Are you that afraid of the truth? I don’t read about any Catholics, Jewish or Hindu’s killing anyone like the Muslims do. I’m sure that you would be happy to point that out if it did happen. What about the JFK Airport Plot? According to one of the quoted terrorist plotters, it was a disaster that was designed to “cause greater destruction than in the September 11 attacks!” Thousands would have been killed. The airport and portions of nearby Queens would have been destroyed. What about the other TERRORIST acts that Muslims are doing in our country and around the world? (Check this site out for the latest update on the terrorism the “religion of peace” is doing around the world

You make me sick. You come to our great country and all you can do is demand that you get something for nothing. You give nothing back to us. (I did see that you collected money for the family of the Virginia Tech massacre (the ONE family that was MUSLIM). All you do is promote an agenda that is suppose to make Muslims appear like they care. The truth is all you care about is promoting your religion and that is done through intimidation, murder and terrorism. I’m sure you will say that’s simply not true. What about you’re own legal troubles? Federal prosecutors have named CAIR and two other Islamic organizations, the Islamic Society of North America and the North American Islamic Trust, as "unindicted co-conspirators" in a criminal conspiracy to support Hamas, a designated terrorist group.

Funny how you always run to the news reporters after a Muslim gets arrested for some terrorist plot or murder and you say, “you fear a backlash against the Muslim communities”. Then nothing ever happens.

Maybe it’s time for you to sit down and shut up. Maybe it’s time for America to rise up and kick your ass back to the desert where you belong.

NO, I think it’s way past your time to leave.

If America does not OFFER (not give you) what you need to practice your religion, then I think it’s time you left America and found someplace else in the world that will accommodate your wants and needs.