Friday, June 29, 2007

What are they thinking?

“A man came to Allah’s Apostle and said, ‘Instruct me as to such a deed as equals Jihad in reward.’ He replied, ‘I do not find such a deed’” (Bukhari Volume 4, Book 52, Number 44).

Qur’an 5:51 “Muslims, do not make friends with any but your own people.”

26 June 2007
Speedy Muslim Integration into U.S. Society Seen as Vital
Report says it would enhance security, fulfill America’s promise
By Ralph Dannheisser
USINFO Special Correspondent

Here we have a “new report” that was sponsored by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, telling us that we need to integrate Muslims into American society and that our American civic life, foreign policy and security will benefit.

The yearlong study by an independent 32 member “task force” (half of the “task force” were Muslims and the other half must have been idiots) came to this conclusion. Why do we need this? Don’t we already have CAIR to help the Muslims? Doesn’t the ACLU side with the Muslims wants and needs? America NEEDS Muslims to succeed and prosper (yea, whatever)?

The Muslims did give us Mohammed Akgraham Bell (inventor of the phone bomb). And who can forget Allah Ali Edison (the inventor of the little green light on the suicide bomb packs). Then we must hold in high reverence, Ali MySlong Wrappedin Foil (the first Muslim suicide bomber to wrap his winky in foil to assure that it remains safe to pleasure the 72 virgins that are waiting for him in paradise).

Maybe I’m being too harsh on them; I guess we do need them in society. Great minds come up with great ideas, ON KILLING PEOPLE???? Give me a break. We need them like we need a disease to thin out the herd.

Then how have we made it this far without them? We now need a radical religion to help us? Isn’t this THE same radical religion that declared war on us? I guess that Christianity (the foundation of our country) just isn’t good enough. Oh WAIT that would be ILLEGAL; we need to have separation of church and state!

The task force cited an urgent need to accelerate full integration into the society, saying it would “not only increase security, but enrich our policies, our society and our standing as a nation that upholds basic human values of decency and fairness and that provides hope and opportunity for all.”

Read the CAIR newsletter, here is a hate crime; there is discrimination, and they are filing yet another lawsuit. Seems to me that they are fully integrated into the American way. If they don’t like something or feel left out, maybe cheated…THEY SUE. Money makes it better. It’s American, ask John Edwards.

Increase security and enrich our policies? You bet, they have already helped in numerous ways. Look at the 9/11 tax on your airline ticket, the new metal detectors used in the public buildings, and the threat levels that we never had before the Muslims attacked us.
The Patriot Act and the closing of tourist sites because of terror threats. Our security is so much better because of them.

The Muslims are going to help show us how to uphold human values of decency and fairness? – You have got to be kidding me - talk about an oxymoron!

The group’s charge, the council said, had been “to examine the Muslim American
Experience and provide a road map for accelerating Muslim American engagement
in civic affairs and U.S. political life.”

Then we can provide a road map for them to follow? I seem to recall a couple of arrests in New York and Washington where the Muslims were taking pictures of “sites” no doubt trying to make a road map on there own. We should reach out and help them with a better road map. Maybe even point out spots of interest for them. I’m sure that would really help them accelerate American engagements.

Civic affairs and POLITICAL life? So we can have Sharia Law thrust down our throats?
Look, if they are so damn important then why don’t we just get al-Qaeda to help us out? We can put one of them on the ballot next November and see how they do. I’m sure that we would be smart enough (with their help of course) to only accept a “non-radical” al-Qaeda member and weed out the radical ones.

I do not see any reason to give the Muslims political power in America. In fact if it were up to me I would take away and outlaw the entire religion from America. It’s been done before (during WWII a Japanese religion was outlawed) and it is getting just about time to do that again. I know that may not sit well with a lot of people (they will call me an islamophobe (Thank You I will wear that badge with HONOR) or something else) but lets look at the facts!

Please take the time to read the other blogs I have posted “Mothers don’t let your children blow up to be Muslims” and “Our Map” (selfless plug). You will find a well documented listing of Muslims World Wide killing innocent children and then ones right here in the United States committing crimes (over 50 so far).

By giving them political power isn’t that the same as negotiating with terrorist? That is really the only reason that we would let them have anything, because we are scared of them? What have the Muslims done for the U.S. or us? What have Muslims done for the world?

I remember when I was young, terrorism was only found in the Middle East, but thanks to the Muslims we now have it World Wide. They do not discriminate in there teachings or in their killings. It is escalating around the World at an unprecedented rate.

The report found that American Muslims are a diverse group.

Yes, they are. Some supply the money to the Mosques so they can funnel it to terror groups, some of them buy the weapons they need for Jihad, some carry the weapons, smuggle the weapons and others use the weapons. Some are diverse enough to build the bombs, some carry the bombs, and some become suicide bombers and kill innocent people including other Muslims and children. Some even pilot planes and yet others are “victims” of discrimination and then they find Muslim attorneys to help them sue entire airports, airlines and passengers.
Yes, the Muslims are quite a diverse group.

However, the Chicago task force said, American Muslims still lack strong community institutions and the political voices they need to gain the same access to government and media enjoyed by other groups within American society.

Still lack strong community institutions? Maybe that’s because when they just seem to be starting a nice community group they get arrested. The Lackawanna 5 (9/13/02), Miami 7 (6/23/06), Fort Dix 6 (5/8/07), were some small Muslim community groups. I’m sure that they would have had a larger membership if they had more time, but look they do seem to be growing!

They still need access to government (I thought they made progress into the Pentagon on 9/11) and they seem to understand our court system pretty well. That should be enough government interactions.

And of course there is the media. Now that one I do agree on.
They are not getting the full use of the media. Seems like the MSM often likes to leave a lot out of the details when it comes to Muslims and the news. I find that you have to dig deep and look hard to find out what is really going on in America when it comes to Muslims. The MSM likes to leave out the fact that a Muslim committed a crime. Oh, that was just a father or uncle killing a girl because she dishonored them, silly me, that’s not a crime.

Now understand this (this includes my blog Bud). WE ARE NOT hateful people. We are not prejudice, but we are smart enough to see a very disturbing pattern here that is really starting to concern us. We do not trust the Muslims at all. We are not biased toward people, but we are seeing trouble, and it appears that even more trouble is on the way. The Muslims (yes, all of them) are nothing but bad news in our book. They only seem to be happy when they are causing mayhem. Touch Moehoward (peas be upon him) and we will kill you.

People need to earn disrespect and right now the Muslim community and the religion of Islam has done a great job with earning that from my Bud, our wonderful manager and myself. You have also earned the disrespect from several thousand bloggers and former Muslims that are willing to speak up and tell us the truth about Islam. Do you really think that we can all be wrong? NO we aren’t wrong. Muslims around the world (U.S. included) give us reason upon reason to see that the crusades are still going on. And they will not stop until one side wins.

Thank You