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BREAKING: Possible Triple Murder in Austin, Texas: Suspect May Be Illegal Alien with Record of Deportation

The porous border claims more lives.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Muslims: Little Concrete Piranhas. (repost)

I am amazed at the large number of Americans that just don't seem to grasp the idea that the Muslims are trying to take over the World.
We see what is happening in Europe (we, the ones educating ourselves on this growing problem) and it's now on our soil and yet most people still feel that it is not a threat.
I personally think part of the problem is the label that the marketing arm of their religion came up with - "the Religion of Peace". People hear that enough that they believe it. They do not want to believe that the Muslims are willing to kill any and everyone to get the world to see things their way.
Companies are giving in, people are giving in, communities and Governments are giving in to their wishes, lies and threats.

So, why the Concrete Piranhas title?
I thought of that the other day as I was talking to a good friend of mine.
I told him that we are standing on this beautiful concrete dam. We look out on the peaceful waters and see pretty sail boats and reflections of the sky and trees. Behind and below the dam lies a wonderful little city. Schools, churches, homes and office buildings all in symmetric lines below us. We look and think to ourselves that we are safe and everything is wonderful. Yet lurking under the water are these little concrete piranhas eating away at the dam. They don't make a ripple in the water, no splash or loud noise. Just tiny little bites taken out of the concrete dam.
Here we are standing on a huge structure that will give way to flood the city below and wash it away. Just like the Johnstown Flood, the town will be wiped out. Death, destruction and drastic changes are about to happen to hundreds of unsuspecting people.

The concrete piranhas are the Muslims all around us. They are slowly eating away at our dams (the Constitution, Bill of Rights and our Freedoms). In one town they are given this "right", in that town they are given something else. These little bits and pieces are going to add up and bring a wall of change over us if things continue to proceed this way.

A law in this town will change the laws of that state. The laws of a state will change the law of the land. They will use the little freedoms they gain to build a bigger part of the puzzle that they are trying to piece together. Slowly but surely they will build upon each success and we won't see it until it's too late.

How do we see the changes in "Small Town" or the changes in Middletown Minnesota, when we live hundreds or thousands of miles away? It's hard for us to see the little pieces being put together across the country. I think that this is where CAIR fits in. They are the puzzle keeper. They use their strength, knowledge and networking to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

We need to stay on top of things. We need to band together and thank God in Heaven that we have blog sites to help us find these pieces and try to undo what is being done before it's too late.

A letter to your councilman, representative or Congressman will do something. Educate yourself before you vote. We need to fight in any way that we can. Sitting on our asses and looking out at the pretty water is going to change us all. They are eating away at the concrete dam and most people don't even know it yet.

"He who fights that Islam should be superior fights in Allah's cause"
Muhammad, prophet of Islam

Somali militants execute 2 girls; town horrified

MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) — The two accused spies died amid a fusillade of bullets from a firing squad organized by a hardline Islamist militia. The condemned pair were only girls, aged 15 and 18, and their grieving relatives say they were uneducated, usually stayed at home and could not have spied for anyone.

Horrified residents of the town of Belet Weyne, in western Somalia, were forced to watch the execution by al-Shabab on Wednesday. One woman fainted as the girls were gunned down by 10 masked executioners.

"Those who watched the event could not bear the painful experience. Two very young girls were shot as they watched and no one could help," said Dahir Casowe, a local elder.

Al-Shabab is linked to al-Qaida and has carried out whippings, amputations and executions to enforce its own strict interpretation of Islam. But this was the first public execution of girls in Belet Weyne, which al-Shabab took over just over a year ago.

Only shortly before the executions, Sheik Mohamed Ibrahim sentenced the girls to death for spying for government soldiers fighting al-Shabab. The only qualifications Ibrahim needed to be appointed a judge by al-Shabab were that he be male and know the Quran.

Abdiwali Aden, a witness, told The Associated Press by phone that al-Shabab militiamen had walked through Belet Weyne's streets, using microphones and handheld speakers to order residents to attend the pending executions.

Later, Ayan Mohamed Jama, 18, and Huriyo Ibrahim, 15, wearing veils and blindfolds, were brought before the hundreds of gathered residents. As they were mowed down with assault rifles, the girls shouted "There is no God but Allah," said a witness who asked not to be named for fear of reprisals. A woman fainted, said Da'ud Ahmed, another witness.

Ayan's father, Mohamed Jama, said she had gone missing for two days. Then a week ago relatives informed him that she was in the custody of al-Shabab. Jama said he went to try and see his daughter but was not allowed to.

"Al-Shabab officials there told me that she was captured during fighting between the militants and the government soldiers outside the town and that she would be brought before court. As I waited for good news, she was killed on Wednesday. I am shocked and cannot say more," said Jama.

Osman Ahmed, one of Huriyo's cousins, said the girls came from poor families who could not afford to send them to school so they stayed at home.

"There was no way uneducated young girls could spy for anybody," Ahmed said.

Sheik Yusuf Ali Ugas, the governor of the Hiran region who was appointed by al-Shabab, told the crowd over a loudspeaker that the girls were captured during fighting and that they admitted to spying. But Sadia Osman, who witnessed the execution, said one of the girls proclaimed her innocence.

Ugas warned residents against using their mobile phones or cameras to photograph the execution, saying they risked amputation if they did so. He indicated there may be more executions.

"We still have in our jails dozens of other people facing the same charges. They will also be brought before the Shariah court," Ugas told the crowd, according to witnesses.

A local elder, speaking on condition of anonymity because he feared reprisals, said the girls' so-called trial was a sham.

"No evidence was presented," he said. "There was no independent investigation. I think the execution was only meant to show the cruelty of al-Shabab militants so the residents in the region are terrified."

Human Rights Watch said in an April report that al-Shabab imposes "unrelenting repression and brutality."

Al-Shabab, which vows allegiance to al-Qaida and whose members include foreign fighters, controls large parts of southern Somalia and much of the capital, Mogadishu.

Somalia has not had an effective central government for 19 years. The U.N.-backed government controls only a few blocks of Mogadishu, while its allies control much of central Somalia.

Associated Press writer Mohamed Sheikh Nor contributed to this report.

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Watch this short video and see how 4 of the 5
requirements to be a Marxist Nation, are already in place
here in rthe U.S. The only one absent is GUN CONTROL-and
that is in the works now, Please help to stop Obama's
attempted take over of our country!

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