Thursday, November 1, 2007

Random Thoughts

The fires in California.

I heard this morning (10/31) that they have caught a young kid admitting to playing with matches and starting one of the fires in that burned down 38,000 acres and 21 homes.

I also heard last week that they shot and killed a person that they had found possibly setting fires but the authorities have NOT disclosed anything about this person. Authorities have searched several houses and have other “people of interest” that they would like to find and question. So far they have arrested 5 people (none of these have been linked to the major blazes). The fires (approx. 16 of them) have killed 14 people, destroyed over 809 square miles, 2,100 homes and costs well over 1 billion dollars.

My thought is this…Why did the authorities release the information on the kid playing with matches, BUT you can not find any details on the shooting, arrests or any other people of interest other than a white Ford pickup?

Makes me wonder what are they trying to hide? They had that Canadian child molester, his name, picture and physical appearance all over the news and he was caught a few days after that information was released to the public. Why not the fire bugs?

I saw the “Fatwa” authorizing the use of forest fires for jihad.
Abu Mus'ab al Suri, author of "Call to Global Islamic Resistance" and advocate of the doctrine of individual terrorism, discussed the benefits to the jihad of setting forest fires.

Are the five individuals arrested Muslim, illegal aliens or just firebugs?

I’m thinking they must be some high value people since the authorities are covering up any and all info on these people and they may be afraid to tell us just what is going on.

I’m sticking my neck out and I think that some of this just might be from the “Religion of Peace”. This is just a hunch and gut feeling. Why else would they want to hide the facts from us? This would be like 9/11 all over again. Sure, not as many deaths, but the cost would come close. The hit to our economy will be felt all over the country.

Time will tell if my gut feeling is correct.


CAIR wants to start it lawsuits against Americans again.

Islamic organizations in North Texas are seeking libel damages in a lawsuit against Joe Kaufman, leader of the Florida-based Americans Against Hate.
CAIR claims that some Tarrant County Muslims who attended the event at Six Flags testified they were fearful the protests would turn violent and they would be targeted.

Excuse me, but when have Muslims been targeted?

Muslims target America.

Look at all the riots MUSLIMS have done around the world. Muslims riot over cartoons and killed innocent people. They riot in France for weeks and burned hundreds of cars. Muslims rioted again in Amsterdam when a policewoman that was being stabbed by a MUSLIM shot and killed him. It really pissed off the Muslims that a women didn’t stop and let herself be killed like their MUSLIM women would do. This women DEFENDED herself and sent that worthless scumbag to visit Allah in hell.

CAIR has gotten bolder now that there was a hang jury in the HLF trial.
I just love this quote from CAIR “In addition, the prosecution resorted to the apparently unconstitutional tactic of not allowing the defendants to confront their accusers, an unprecedented step in the history of the American judicial system.

CAIR sure seems to know our Constitution when it benefits them, but protest against them and YOUR FIRST AMENDMENT rights are in question. You’re going to be called a racist (even though it’s a RELIGION) and a hate monger.

I find it so upsetting that the Muslims find such offense in everything we do and yet when the table is turned they are well within their rights and OUR Constitutional rights.

The Muslims hate the Christian and the Jews, but they come to a country that has its laws and freedoms based on Judeo Christian beliefs.

Just like Little Concrete Piranhas they are chewing away at our rights, freedoms and liberties.

They have also succeeded in other ways. It doesn’t always have to be a large or small terrorist attack to destroy our country. They have used frivolous lawsuits to change laws and have our rights violated in the name of their religion.

Muslims seem to believe that our protests offend them, but as Muslims they believe they are free to protest, teach hate, harbor terrorist, fund terrorism and slowly take away Americas Freedoms. They say they are not violent…they are “The Religion of Peace”.