Saturday, July 10, 2010

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Aliens have landed.

We wake up one morning and find out that Roswell was true and that a lot of our technology did come from E.T. Most disturbing of all we find out that they are methodically killing us. They want the entire world for themselves. We can’t tell who is an Alien and who is a human. No tests can be done, nor is their appearance any different than ours. Just everyday people and some of them are Aliens willing to kill your friends, your family and you. The governments have turned a blind eye to them and have let them continue.

In just under 6 years the Aliens have killed almost 9000 people.
What should we do? Should we eradicate them? Should we try and appease them? Should we become aliens too, hoping that converting to them will save us?

Just too far fetched? No, Aliens don’t exist...Do they?

What about a disease like a slow spreading CANCER!!! (Thanks Cal) What about a cancer that can be transmitted to other people? Right now we have this “new Cancer” slowly spreading throughout the world. This cancer does not represent all cancers. It’s a very “radical” type. The mutated cells of this cancer can live with other cancer cells, but then the radical ones will just “explode” usually killing off its host. This new cancer attacks and kills everything it can, even other cancer cells. It wants to take over the entire body and if it can’t then it will slowly attack the body and kill it piece by piece. Sorry you lost a finger, then a hand, now a toe, then a leg. Slowly the cancer grows until you are dead.

BUT they may have found a cure. The cure seems to work, but there are still some doubts that it will stop certain death from the radical cancer. The cure is for you to let the cancer take over without a fight and basically surcome to the disease. Women (for some unknown reason) will become so disfigured that they will need to wear an outfit covering them from head to toe. No exposed skin. It doesn’t seem to affect men in the same way. They don’t have to wear anything to cover them.

The one thing that we can do is to keep the cancer out of the country. If you have the cancer then you will not be allowed to live in the U.S. anymore. I know that this is quite radical, but if you consider the alternative (a slow death spreading throughout the U.S.) then we have but few choices.

Did I mention that the cancer has killed almost 9000 people so far?

I’m sure you can see where I am going with this, but please play along.

We have seatbelt laws, motorcycle helmet laws, drug and alcohol laws, we have tons of laws (as do the other countries in the world) in place to do one thing…PROTECT us from harm. Here in the U.S. they will pass a law, remove or even recall a product if they feel that it will save a few lives. We have also had lawsuits because of a faulty car, tire or some other consumer product that has killed or harmed people.

Here is a list of product recalls due to the fact that the product in question MAY cause a problem.
Hammock Stands Recalled by The Algoma Net Co. Due to Fall Hazard
Bond Manufacturing Co. Issues Recall for Folding Recliner Chairs That Can Collapse and Injure Users
Cummins Power Generation Inc. Recalls Stationary Natural Gas and Propane Fueled Generators Due to Fire Hazard
Briggs & Stratton Snow Thrower Engines Recalled Due to Fire Hazard
Char-Broil Recalls Two-Burner Gas Grills Sold Exclusively at Big Lots Stores Due to Fire, Burn Hazard
Weber-Stephen Products Recalls Gas Grills Due to Fire Hazard
DEWALT Recalls Portable Generators Due to Electric Shock Hazard
Square D Recalls Safety Switches Due to Shock or Electrocution Hazard
Pressure Washers and Air Compressors Recalled By DeVilbiss Due to Fracture and Laceration Hazards

Government and businesses try to protect people with laws for consumer safety and because of the fear of a lawsuit.

Here is a good example. Firestone made a tire that was faulty. They recalled 6.5 million tires out of a total production of 14.4 million. The faulty tires caused 271 deaths, 700 injuries and were called by some as “the most deadly auto safety crisis in American history”.

Firestone recalled the tires because they MAY kill or injure someone. 6.5 million tires. Now remember that was only a very small percentage of all the tires made in the world. There was still Michelin, Cooper, Goodyear etc making tires and they didn’t have a problem.

Not all of the tires recalled were “radical”, just a very small percentage of them, but it was still enough to make them recall and destroy ALL of those tires. Just a few “radical” tires made the ENTIRE lot of 14.4 MILLION tires bad. I’m sure that you can find people that had those tires on their vehicles and they will tell you that those tires were the best tires that they have ever owned. BUT if they owned one of the “radical” tires and it caused death or injury to his family, he would be asking why did this happen? Why with all the information available, why didn’t you do something to protect my family, and myself? Why after several deaths did you not look into it closer and have the government step in and protect us?

Are you seeing my point?

So why can’t they see that there is more trouble on the horizon with the Muslims?
How does a “Religion of Peace” kill innocent people, all over the world and everybody ignores it?
There are several people that once were Muslims. They have left the religion and tell us what it is really like. They describe the hate, the intolerance and the fear they are subjected to. They talk about the mosque and it’s “religious imams” teaching hate and jihad. We hear this over and over and over again and nobody does anything.

We have the Prime Minister of England “Gordo”, telling his people and the media to “refrain from using the word terrorism, or Muslim because he does not want to “offend” any of them”. Yet Muslim doctors set out to kill and injure hundreds of innocent British people because of their “religion”. In fact P.M. Gordo just told the Muslims that he wanted to make London a center for Islamic finance, putting in place tax and legislative framework that is supportive of Islamic products. The UK’s cancer is very fast spreading. The prognosis looks very bleak.

Australia is also having its problems. They are being told by terrorist experts that a bigger portion of Muslim youth are at risk of turning “radical” than any other Western Nation. So how will these Muslim youth turn “radical”? Easy, they will be feed hate, fear and glories in the hereafter from the mosques and imams teaching them. They will be taught the Koran and all the hate that it has in it. They will be raised with this hate and anger until they are given the green light to lash out in an attack against innocent people.

The continued troubles in Iraq, Gaza, Afghanistan, Sudan, etc, etc all due to the Muslims.

Here in the United States we are faced with terrorist threats, foiled attacks and CAIR using its “lawyers” and the ACLU to make us accommodate their religion. We find “radical” Muslims all over America being able to plan attacks and some even carrying them out. Some of the plans are very elaborate and others are small time Jihad’s with only one or two people.

Which leads me to ask…
When does a religion cease to exist and it’s true meaning becomes apparent to everyone?
What about NOW before it is too late?

We recalled the Firestone tires with only 271 deaths.
The Avian flu that was going to kill millions has only killed 166, yet we spent millions of dollars tracking it, preparing for it and protecting us.
Muslims and their religion of peace have killed almost 9000 people since 9/11.
Why are we not recalling the religion and making it safer for us to live? Why do we go after a product that kills or injures, but a religion that teaches hate, and has caused 33 TIMES more deaths than the Firestone tires still able to go on?

We all know that “The Religion of Peace” is going to attack again in the UK and right here in America. Al-Qaeda second-in-command Ayman al-Zawahiri said on Tuesday (July 10th) that the group is preparing a "precise response" to Britain's decision to bestow a knighthood on author Salman Rushdie.
We all know that a few “radical” Muslims stepping over the boundaries will carry it out. They will not represent the “true” Islamic religion. But, like all the other attacks or arrests, there will be no large outcry, no Muslims standing up YELLING anything but Allahu-Akbar.
Then as we clean up yet another pile of innocent bodies, we will find the evidence. We will find a blood trail leading all over the place touching several other Muslims, mosques and yet not one person “knew” anything about the plot. Nobody heard anything, and it will all be nothing but more al-taqiyya (lies) from the “Religion of Peace”.

Thank You