Thursday, March 13, 2008

Rockdog's Random Thoughts.

1. MUSLIM university students want lectures to be rescheduled to fit in with prayer timetables and separate male and female eating and recreational areas established on Australian campuses.

2. In December 2005, Georgetown University announced receipt of a $20 million gift to endow the school's Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding by Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, after whom the Center was renamed.
3. Sunday, March 02, 2008 Harvard Sets Women-Only Hours for Gym, Complying With Muslim Students' Request
In response to a request by female Muslim students, Harvard University has created women-only workout hours at one of its
campus gyms. The decision has angered some students at the Ivy League university.
This is just the tip of the iceberg. We have 3 colleges that have bowed down to Muslim influences. Georgetown did nothing but renamed a building (a reasonable request with a "gift" of $20 million) but the side we will never see is that now when Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal wants something, the trustees at Georgetown will bend over backwards to accommodate his request.
The Saudi Prince has his golden foot in the door.
There are request for public school to offer halal foods to Muslim students.
What does all this mean to me?
I see the Muslims gaining a foothold into our children.
Muslims will cry to get their "little" requests granted. Special food here, prayer time there, Muslim holidays off, separate areas for men and women.
This is a good example of the Little Concrete Piranhas that we named our blog after.
Slowly they eat away at our society, gaining a foothold here and there and just like most things, once it has been started you will not be able to stop it.
Remember when the Sears catalog was risqué?
Now it's tame compared to Victoria's Secret commercials.
We have been desensitized to it.
My point is this...
Muslims turn our children into pawns and pressure everyone to ACCOMODATE them and their "special needs".
Get the little kids to accept Halal food in grade school and it will be nothing to them by high school.
Get kids to accept separate gym classes and it won't seem strange to have it in college.
Get extra Holidays off in schools for their religion and soon they will want to have National Holidays and close businesses.
Feed the kids and raise them to become desensitized to what is going on.
A little step here at this school, another step at this college. Banks will be asked to follow suit with requests for special banking practices.
Some colleges have kicked around the idea of no interest loans to Muslim students.
What does the religion of Islam do for us that makes them so important that we must loose our liberties just to accommodate them? What do they offer?
NO OTHER groups want, or asks for anything like this.
Muslims and their "Religion of Peace" have killed well over 10,500 people all over the world since 9/11.
How does a religion get "hijacked" by a "FEW RADICALS" when there is hardly any country IN THE WORLD that hasn't had Muslims kill innocent people?
Seems to me that it if we looked at this like a murder, all clues would lead to ISLAM as the culprit.
Maybe we need to wake up and see the truth about ISLAM before it changes America to something we don't recognize or it kills us.
YES it's that simple.
Charles Manson is serving a term of life in prison for murder.
He didn't commit the actual murders, HIS FOLLOWERS DID (they are also in jail).
I don't see a lot of difference between Islam and Charles Manson except Charles didn't call himself a prophet.
Maybe if Charles Manson said he was a prophet then he would get parole?