Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Rockdogs Random thoughts
There you are again, sitting with great anticipation to find out just what is on Rockdogs mind.
WELL You're wait is over....
I see that "The Religion of Peace" has killed well over 10,500 people World Wide.
That figure covers just about EVERY single country around the World.
Just imagine that, almost every country in the World has had some sort of Honor killing,
Murder, Rape and violence (riots) at the hands of the Muslims.
This makes me wonder, where are the peaceful Muslims?
If the "radical" ones can be found all over the World, then surely there must be peaceful ones
marching, protesting or speaking out against all the violence that is carried out by the radicals
in the name of their peaceful religion.
You think you would hear...These evil "radical" Muslims do not speak for me. They are not
representing MY religion. We are PEACEFUL, Loving and caring. Do not be seduced by the few.

Sorry, nothing like that, nothing but silence.
Then if there is not an outcry from ANY MUSLIMS, the "radical" Muslims  must be acting with
approval from the rest of the Muslims?
Are the "radical" Muslims acting in a way that the rest of the Religion of Peace accepts?
Does the entire religion of Islam think that violence is OK?
Personally I think that Islam and the Muslims all feel that ANY and ALL violence carried out in the
name of Islam is not wrong, but actually good. It will carry them to Allah and paradise.
It's good to rape, kill, abuse women, live in the 7th century because it's following the example
that Muhammad set for them. Muhammad was a thief, murderer, rapist and pedophile. That is
the example that he set and expects his followers to carry out.
If Islam is not violent, then why are there so many violent Muslims?
How can so many violent Muslims all come to the same conclusion?
Thousands of miles apart. Speaking different languages, raised in different countries, YET
the outcome is always the same.
The only common link between them is one thing, The Qur'an and Islam.
Not a day goes by that we do not find Muslims acting violently.
Muhammad set the example for his followers.
And follow it they are.
Muslims are violent.
Muslims are getting their marching orders from the Qur'an.
Muslims are at WAR with the entire WORLD.
Yea, maybe I'm jumping to conclusions.
Muslims aren't bad, they are just misunderstood.
9/11 didn't wake anyone up.
10,000 deaths sure didn't change your mind.
Maybe when Muslims kill 11,000 innocent men, women and children then you will open your eyes.
Or will you wait until they kill 12,000 or will it be 13,000 or it just won't matter until it touches you
This just occurred to me. Muslims do not want to change, they want to stay in the 7th century.
Muslims do not want to update their Qur'an. Muslims do not want to become a part of any culture
if it is not Islamic, BUT they will change their methods of Jihad. Muhammad did not have bombs,
machine guns, rockets. No Muhammad only had horses, camels and swords.
The methods that Muslims carry out Jihad has been updated, but the religion itself is still in the 7th century.