Sunday, September 16, 2007

Do you think you still have a brain?

September 7, 2007
The homegrown cleric who loathes the British

The leading preacher of a hardline Islamic sect which controls almost half of British mosques delivers a message filled with anger at non-Muslims.....
His target is the kuffar, the nonMuslim, whether Jewish, Christian, Hindu or atheist, and the message is simple: their designs are evil, their ways corrupting. Stay away from them....
When Mr ul Haq speaks of his contempt for British ways and Western values, however, it carries the authority of the ultra-conservative Islamic movement whose views are preached in hundreds of mosques and madrassas in Britain. The Deobandis run more than 600 of the 1,300 mosques in Britain and their seminaries – known as darul uloom – produce the vast majority of Britishtrained Islamic clerics....


from bud

Americans, you have no clue do you? Anyone read our warnings? These are cry's of warning. Not news, not good humor. Baby let me tell ya, the muslims may not cook your goose, but your kid's goose is cooked, you cooked it. You mama +papas, got to remove your head from your rear end.

Look around you


use your brain.

can you?

Do you think you still have a brain?

Has hillery got it?  If you don't understand what we are am trying to say, keep posted to this blog.
We are trying to warn the American people of a danger that will kill them and America.

Correct me if we are wrong
bring it on, perhaps you and us can save America.