Friday, September 21, 2007

Little Concrete Piranhas is fed up.

We have had it up to here (hold hand over head) and just like the rockers from the 80’s (Twisted Sister) “Were not gonna take it, anymore”.

We are going to take the gloves off and throw the “Politically Correctness” in the trash.

It’s time to make people mad, open people’s eyes and get you off your asses before it’s too late.

We do not want to offend anyone that does not deserve it (except maybe the Muslims) and believe me, they deserve it. We are not becoming a hate site. What we are doing is bringing things to your attention, making you think and show you the truth. We are not going to candy coat this anymore. We feel that this war with Islam is coming to a head. We will not stand back and watch our country go back to the 7th century because of a religion that has built itself upon lies, hate, sexual deviancy, killing and lust. We picture Mohammed as some fat old pervert in a tent that has all his sexual wishes granted to him from a little voice inside of his head that he thinks is a god. We also picture a bunch of stupid people following this old pervert because they are too stupid to think for themselves. They only wanted the fortunes that came along with all his piracy and theft.

Why was Jesus happy to be poor and tell the world about a loving God in Heaven and Mohammed’s god turns a spit in hell (and enjoys it) and wanted fortune and fame?
Money is the root of all evil. Seems to me that maybe Allah must be from hell.

(Then there’s the Qur’an’s depiction of Allah. He spends time in Satan’s
realm, tormenting the inmates of hell. He is never shown playing with the virgins
in paradise. Allah, like Satan, is sadistic. He leads men astray, shackles
them, and drags them into hell, where he’s personally involved, using their
bodies as fagots for his fires. He turns men on a spit, makes them eat thorns,
and pours boiling water on them for what he calls “their entertainment.”) Prophet of Doom – Chapter 11 (

Just like all the idiots at Jonestown that drank the Kool-Aid and forced the Kool-Aid on their children and died. They could not think for themselves. That religion was a cult and so is the religion of Islam. It’s from the pits of hell and there is nothing good or redeeming about it.

We have been PC for awhile now and we have tried to get people to open their eyes to the gathering storm. We are not going to sit back and Jihad Watch anymore We are going to be Mavericks because we know that infidels are cool We look at the atlas ( of the world and see nothing but death and carnage from “the Religion of peace Our doctor ( recommended to us to get our daily dose of Debbie
Schussel ( and not spend too much time playing football ( We need to care more ( and always be on watch ( We may need to close and lock the gates ( to protect us.

Thought I would have some fun with that. I suppose it could have been better, but all we want is to get the word out and educate people. The above links and the many links on our blog roll are just some of the very informative sites that we like to visit. Several of them have been so helpful and inspiring to us that saying THANK YOU just isn’t enough.

Glenn Beck has a special (9-10 thru 9-14) with information on “The Perfect Storm”. He has been talking about this for over a year on his radio show and he has finally had enough and is making it public on TV. The Perfect Storm is a coordinated attack on several schools in the US with the sole purpose of killing as many children as they can. Glen had a guest on the set with him and asked the guest (Brad Thor) why would they want to do this? The guests reply made all the sense in the world and proved to be very scary. He said it was to set in motion an angry American public that would lash out at Muslims and to destroy our economy. Then we would be so angry that we would hang them in the streets, burn their mosques and attack them. The Muslim world would say…”hey look at America, they hate us and they want to destroy our religion. It’s now time for ALL of us to stand together and fight”.

This is the calm before the storm. You can look out and see the storm clouds gathering together. We have time to prepare but only if you stand up and make our presents known.

What can we do?

Simple….TALK about it and educate yourself. Look at the facts and see that the Muslims are not afraid to tell you what they are going to do before they do it. They have the plans all laid out and trust me, they are a whole lot more patient than we are. 9/11 was YEARS in the making. We want Iraq fought, settled and done in 6 months (although we personally think we could have if we let the troops fight the fight and not tie their hands behind their backs).

Write letters; attend meetings, gatherings and get involved.

Knowledge is power.

United we stand and divided we will fall.