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Leave Me Alone

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Indiana County Throwing Man off His Own Property For Living in Camper
From early November 2010

A county government in Indiana has decided that a man that is bothering no one, a man living a very simple lifestyle, a man living on his own property must be evicted from it. Why have these jackbooted government thugs decided that this must be done? Because the man has the gall to live so simply that he has no plumbing or electricity in the camper he is living in.

WISH TV news in Indiana told the tale of Dick Thompson, a 72-year-old man living on his own 38-acre property in Madison County. Thompson lives on the property with several horses, a dog, and a bird. He resides in an old camper that has no sewer and no electricity.

“I’m a country boy,” explains Thompson. “I just want to be left alone.”

The County claims that Thompson is “breaking ordinances and laws” because he refuses to get sewer service or electric hooked up. This is why the county has decided he is a criminal. The county has harassed Mr. Thompson with multiple court dates, threatening letters, and claims of fines and court actions. In fact, the courts told him he’d be evicted on Nov. 30 of this year.

Thompson waited for officials to come on the 30th, but none did. Obviously the county knows it is in a pickle with this outrageous harassment. They were probably hoping that their thug tactics would just make Thompson go away or force him to spend thousands of dollars in an attempt to comply with their demands.

But the man is not bothering anyone. He is safe. He is not causing any neighbor any problems. And further more, the 38-acre plot is HIS land!

The fact is, these sorts of government terror tactics is why the Second Amendment was created. I hate to sound so harsh, but this man has every right to meet with a shotgun any government official that comes to his door with eviction notices.

This is just one more example of how out of control our various governments have gotten. It is none of this county government’s business how simply Mr. Thompson is living. If he wants to live in a camper on his own land, then he has every right to do so. If he is not causing any hazards for the neighbors then the government should butt out.

Watch the video here.

This makes my blood boil. Governments let people sleep on the streets in cardboard boxes, but they want to pretend to care about this guy. By kicking him off of his own land.

UPDATE from Dec 14th: Damn, he decided to sell the property even with the outpouring of support. Damn.

Watch the video here.