Wednesday, August 11, 2010

This is a moving story.

The Barack Hussein Obama regime doesn't just dislike the American Flag, judging by the Park Police actions at the Lincoln Memorial. I was absolutely revolted to hear about this.

Not only is this censorship of the most neutral form of freedom of expression (thankfully, these high school children, in their first time in Washington, D.C. - they actually chose civil disobedience over being silenced, and continued singing the National Anthem), but it is a horrible example to teach school children. Imagine if YOUR child were to be instructed to stop singing the National Anthem at the Lincoln Memorial? What would they do, and what would you do?

These kids who were on a trip sponsored by the Young America's Foundation were brave, and I'm immensely proud of them. I admire their courage to sing the National Anthem despite a police officer demanding that their singing be censored. What could be MORE neutral and INOFFENSIVE than the beautiful voices of high school students echoing in the Lincoln Memorial? The other tourists there reportedly joined in, and the Park Police made no arrests this time. Here are the YouTube video clips documenting this inspiring civil disobedience: