Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Prodigal son (Luke 15:11-32) Rockdog's version.

A rich Christian man has two sons. The youngest son (Lil Rockdog) asks his father for his inheritance now. The younger son thinks he knows way more about the world than his father and decides it time to leave everything behind and see the world. The father reluctantly agrees and gives Lil Rockdog his share. Off Lil Rockdog goes into the big city. He parties up a storm, finds wild women, booze and rock & roll. He soon blows all of the inheritance and has nothing. He is now homeless and hungry. He goes out and finds a job feeding pigs at a local farm. The farmer lets him sleep in the barn with the swine. After awhile Lil Rockdog decides that the pigs are eating better than him and he knows his father has many workers on his farm that are also eating better than him. So Lil Rockdog gathers what little pride he has and hitchhikes home. When he arrives at the family farm, his father sees him and runs out to greet him. His father is excited to see his son return. He has new clothes ready for his son and gets all the workers and family together to celebrate Lil Rockdog's return.
Lil Rockdog's brother Bud is a little upset at this. He wonders why is there a party with live music and a huge BBQ beef cooking on the spit. He sees Lil Rockdog in his new clothes and figures it out. He is upset and refuses to attend. The father finds Bud and asks what is wrong. Bud tells the father that he is jealous of Lil Rockdog. "Father" Bud said, "Wasn't I always here for you working the farm and helping and Lil Rockdog runs off and spends all the money foolishly and has nothing and now you are having this huge party for him. Why"??? The father replies, "Bud, your brother was lost in the world and dead inside, now he has returned to us and he sees the error of his ways. He was lost and now he is found."
Lucky for Lil Rockdog he was from a CHRISTIAN family and not a MUSLIM family.
Had Lil Rockdog come from a Muslim family the story would go something like this....
A rich Muslim has two sons. The youngest son Akmed tells his father that he would like his inheritance now. Akmed would like to go to the big city and see the world. He wants to leave his Muslim religion behind. AKMED'S FATHER YELLS "YOU HAVE DISHONERED ME" he then BEHEADS HIM.
Volume 9, Book 84, Number 57; Whoever changes his Islamic religion, then kill him.