Monday, May 21, 2007

Crying Wolf?

Crying Wolf?
I was reading the other day that our good friends at CAIR were concerned that they only had a small number of complaints for intolerance within the Muslim population compared to the Jewish population. Seems that the Jewish population had 3 times more complaints and that CAIR said they KNOW that a lot of discrimination against Muslims goes unreported because of fear and intimidation.
Well as I read over the Internet newspapers, blogs and other areas of news info, I see a sharp increase in Muslims crying, nagging and complaining. It appears that the message from CAIR has gotten out and the Muslims are going to do everything they can to one up the Jewish complaints.
Made sense to me since the Muslims hate the Jewish people so much that they would look at this as some sort of competition. I think that CAIR is going around the country and looking under rocks and camel dung to find any Muslim that is willing to step forward and cry about some injustice or attack, be it real or perceived.
It’s sort of like a wild fire now. I don’t think I can open a newspaper and not find some sort of article about Muslim injustice going on someplace in the world or some school, business or community bending over backward to accommodate them and their "special" needs.
Then I got to wondering as I read about this injustice if they are real "attacks" or if CAIR has gotten out and has set them up to make it worse than it really is. The Qur’an with the laced bacon on the porch of a Mosque, the meat packing plant that would not give "proper" religious breaks, and the Six flying Imams to list a few.
Is it possible that CAIR is sponsoring Terrorism through intimidation? (YES) Is it possible that they are crying wolf when nothing is really happening or that maybe they planted the evidence? Is CAIR simply making a mountain out of a molehill? I really don’t think Frito’s board of directors sat around a big table and said, "let‘s add pork enzymes just to piss off the Muslims". (Yes if you didn’t know the Muslims got all bent out of shape when they found out that one of the Frito’s products has a pork enzyme in it’s cheese flavor and they didn’t know it. Now they are asking Frito’s to change the recipe and accommodate their needs).
I thought for a moment that maybe they are doing this to try and gain sympathy from the public and politicians during an election year. I am also sure that they are doing this to keep us from realizing what the Islamic religion of peace is really like.
Let’s cry about a bunch of little things and try to keep the eyes of the world off the big picture, especially here in America. Look they will not give us proper religious breaks, proper footbaths, they want us to sell pork products, they want us to transport alcohol products, they are not accommodating our WANTS and NEEDS.
So I got to thinking that maybe, just maybe, CAIR has forgotten what the big picture of their religion really is (or at least the picture that we see over and over thanks to just a "few" radical Muslims). So I have included a list of a few little topics below to help remind CAIR why we really don’t give a damn about pork enzymes in Frito’s or a piece of bacon in their Qur-an, or how hard it is to get through an airport being a Muslim.
Monthly Jihad ReportApril, 2007
Jihad Attacks:
Dead Bodies:
Critically Injured:
2396 (this is an amazing site that tally’s the Wonderful Religion of Peace’s progress of Jihad throughout the World)
Let’s not forget about the Religion of Peace’s ambassadors that are out passing around the true feelings of their faith to the infidels of America.
February 1993 – Ramzi Yousef, A Muslim from Kuwait, tried to topple the World Trade center towers into each other with a bomb in the basement of Tower One.
6 Killed, 1042 Injured
March 1994 - Rashid Baz, a Muslim from Lebanon, opened fire on a van containing members of the Lubavitch Hassids in Brooklyn. One was killed.
February 1997 - Palestinian-born Ali Abu Kamal opened fire on the observation deck of the Empire State Building, killing a tourist and injuring six other people before committing suicide. His daughter, Linda Kamal, said in 2007 that the family is tired of lying and admitted that a letter had been found on her father's body explaining his Muslim hatred for Israel and America.
July 2002 - Egyptian-born Hesham Mohammed Hadayet walked into the Israeli Airlines El Al terminal at the Los Angeles airport and began shooting Jews. He killed two and injured another four. He was known to sympathize with al Qaeda.
September 2002 - Patrick Gott killed one and wounded another in the New Orleans airport. He had entered the terminal with a shotgun and his Koran.
October 2002 - John Mohammed and Lee Malvo killed 13 people in the Washington, DC area. Both were converts to Islam and had attended a jihad training camp in southwestern Virginia.
August 2003 - Mohammed Ali Alayed almost totally decapitated his erstwhile Jewish friend, Ariel Sellouk, following Alayed’s getting serious about his Islamic faith. He went to a mosque after killing Sellouk.
October 2005 - Joel Henry Hinrichs III, a convert to Islam, was an engineering student at Oklahoma University. His student career ended when a bomb he had strapped on himself went off prematurely outside a crowed stadium, killing only himself. Police subsequently cleared explosives from the apartment that Hinrichs had shared with Muslim students from Pakistan.
April 2006 - Muslim Ayhan Surucu was so angry when his sister started to wear make-up and date men in Berlin, Germany, that he put a gun to her head at a bus stop and killed her. Boys at a nearby school, attended mainly by the children of immigrant Muslim families, cheered and applauded when news of the murder reached them.
May 2006 - Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar, a University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill student, rented an SUV and drove it through a crowded part of the campus-- intentionally trying to hit people and wounding nine. In a series of letters to the student newspaper, he explained that he acted in obedience to Koranic dictates.
June 2006 - Michael Ford, a Muslim convert, walked into work at a Safeway warehouse in Denver and opened fire on his coworkers, killing one and injuring five. Relatives explained that he was being teased at work because he’s a Muslim and he could not take it anymore.
July 2006 - Naveed Alzal Haq, a Pakistani, walked into the Jewish Federation Center in downtown Seattle and shot six women-- killing one, and wounding five( one of whom was pregnant). He stated matter-of-factly: "I am a Muslim American angry at Israel."
August 2006 - Omeed Aziz Popal, a Muslim Afghan refugee, used his SUV as a weapon and ran down at least 14 people and a bicyclist in the San Francisco Bay area. He was targeting Jewish neighborhoods to terrorize.
January 2007 - A 22-year-old Muslim, Ismail Yassin Mohamed, stole a car in Minneapolis and rammed it into other cars before stealing a van and doing the same, injuring several drivers and pedestrians at crosswalks and on sidewalks before police caught up with him. Mohamed called himself a "terrorist."
February 2007 - Ibrihim Ahmed, a Nashville cab driver and Muslim, was enraged that two passengers did not agree with him about Islam. When they got out of the cab, he tried to run them down, striking one in a parking lot.
February 2007 - Sulejman Talovic, a Bosnian Muslim immigrant, went to a Salt Lake City mosque on a Friday night. Then he went to one of only two malls in the state which prohibits civilian carrying of concealed weapons. He killed five before an off-duty cop (not subject to ban) used a concealed firearm stopped his murder spree.
Cornell University did a study estimating that there are seven million Muslims in the U.S. If even a single percent of that population is motivated to go kill a few infidels for Allah, the country would be facing 70,000 murderers on the loose.

HEY CAIR, what about that?
Seems like a little pork in the Frito’s is a trivial thing to cry about (personally I would have printed on the wrapper "Now With Even More PORK Enzymes for better flavor")
BUT! The Muslims are living in FEAR???? I haven’t read about any Muslims being run over, shot, or blown up here in America like they seem to be doing to us (unless it’s self-induced).
Like Grandma use to say…You are the company that you keep!
Hey CAIR, Looks like you need to do some serious soul searching, but then again, you would need a soul to search. Wouldn’t You?